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The Covid IV

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Before we start, I'm going to mention something that all four of you longtime readers already know, but most of the other 9 of you reading this probably don't.

I'm writing this blog while I'm sitting at one of those "put it together yourself with cam bolts and an allen wrench" desks, in a 2,400 square foot house that was built in 1936. If you think we're selling anything that can cure Covid-19, you probably also think we're burying uncut diamonds in the back yard to use as currency when we escape to the tropics. If Rachel is doing that, Hallelujah, but I don't know about it. I'm damned sure not.

We get calls every day from people who are Covid positive and wanting to know if we can help them. The answer to that question is YES, but with a caveat.

What we offer is fantastic if you need to FEEL better. It isn't going to help you GET better. There's a GIANT difference.

We offer a few different packages and additives that work wonders for Covid patients, and people who just got over Covid, who feel like hell. Our treatments are great if you have a mild case, have gotten over a case, or are at the beginning of being positive and feel crappy.

For starters, just getting a liter of Ringer's Lactate after you've had a fever, felt like hell, and haven't drunk as much as you should, is great for you. It replaces four key electrolytes you've sweated out, and it gets you back to a proper hydration level. Being well hydrated is key for helping your body fight off any illness.

Most people haven't eaten right, so you can choose the package with the powerful multi-vitamin Infuvite. It has A, several Bs, C, E, K, and a half dozen things you've heard of but can't spell. It's what the hospitals give people who are nutrient deficient. Expensive as heck, but we like to have our folks jumping up and down telling their friends we're great, so we eat it and buy the good stuff.

You can get a package with a whopping dose of Vitamin C. The C is great for your immune system, but it also acts as an anti-inflammatory, and that's great for congestion and fluid build-up.

Zinc is in the Immune Tune, and though I'm not certain anybody really knows why, it helps shorten the duration of colds. Though it's been clinically proven to do so, the mechanism is a bit of a mystery. It's the heart of things like Zycam, and so forth.

We put a major league dose of glutathione (a strong anti-oxidant) into the Immune Tune as well.

You can get magnesium as a muscle relaxant, extra B12 for energy, and/or the generic form of Toradol for pain and muscle aches.

They all work great and have you feeling a lot spiffier.

The one downside to these treatments is that we have to give them to you in your car. Sure you still get the snack bar, and the fancy flavored coffee or trendy water, and we can bring you a pen and a koozie just like you were in our lounge chair, but a straight panic would erupt through the building if you strolled into a room all Covid-ed up.

All good. You're gonna feel MUCH better... that said,

It ain't gonna kill the virus.

If you see some ad for some IV place and they're touting their IV that helps you get over Covid sooner, or cures you, or will keep you from going into the hospital, ask if it's a monoclonal antibody. Ask which one and where they get it. If it isn't the monoclonal antibody that the state is issuing, the people you're talking to are what we old folks call "charlatans".

If you are in your first week or so of being positive, and you've had your Rapid Recovery treatment, and you still feel awful, or you're getting worse instead of better, you want Regeneron.

One of the clinics with which I work has a Regeneron infusion clinic. We have literally seen people walk into that clinic looking like zombies, and two days later they're mowing the yard. It's a monoclonal antibody that is either the thing that Greg Abbott (Governor of Texas) and Donald Trump got when they had Covid, or it's damned similar. It's the real deal. Not some homemade BS concoction of grapeseed extract and a toenail fungus drug from 1954. I'm as skeptical as anyone on the planet, and I don't trust anybody outside my family, Dr. Shaik, and my dog, but I believe in the Regeneron, even though it's from the government.

The beauty of Regeneron is that it's free. Kinda like our Vitamin D was. The only difference is that your insurance carrier is paying 100% of the cost of Regeneron, or the government is reimbursing the clinic where you get it. Why? Well it's a hell of a lot cheaper for them to give you this drug, pay your clinic a few hundred bucks, and get you over Covid, than it is to spend a ton of money on your 5 week hospital stay complete with round the clock care and a ventilator. If you qualify for Regeneron and don't get it, it'll make me sad. Just pick one doctor you trust, one who would only give you something they know in their heart of hearts is good for you, and ask them "if I have Covid and can get the Regeneron, should I?"

A Regeneron Infusion Clinic is going up in Shreveport, one is being put together in Tyler, there are several in the Dallas area, and Diagnostic Clinic of Longview (Texas) has had one operating for the last few weeks. Get an order from your doctor, call around, and get it if you need it.

So, that's the whole story about Covid and IVs. I wish we had the Regeneron, and hell.. I wish we had anything that would cure you. We'd give it to you for free, and pay for the meds ourselves. We really would. So, you can come see us to feel better, and we'll treat you like royalty, but don't think you're going to wake up tomorrow and pass a PCR test. You're still going to be fighting a virus, you'll just feel better while you're doing it. We're a luxury. The monoclonal antibody is a necessity.

Last thing: We've got all the time in the world to talk to you and help you through this if you are confused, scared, or Covid-positive and just need some direction. You don't have to come get an IV, or share our Facebook page, or anything... Call us, let us know what's up, and even if we don't know what the hell to do or tell you, we know a LOT of smart people and we can find you someone who can help. If you're reading this you're one of our people, and you don't stop being one of our people because you aren't coming in for an IV. Rachel and I aren't doctors, but we know lots of good ones, our nurses are epic, we know tricks of the medical system, and we are always willing to help anyone who needs it. Don't be scared or confused or self-conscious, just call. We don't really ever have much better to do anyway. We're boring...

Take your Vitamin D supplement, smile (a good attitude is awesome for your immune system by the way), enjoy your life, stay hydrated, and say "hi" when you get a chance.

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2 comentários

Ashley M. Martin
Ashley M. Martin
24 de set. de 2021

Love your blogs… very informative, entertaining, and real! I’m born and raised in Shreveport but live in Dallas now. I came in several years ago to get an IV when I was pregnant and had a stomach bug over the Christmas holiday at my parents house there in South Highlands. Didn’t have this service growing up there, but happy the community has you now!

Bob Wheeler
Bob Wheeler
24 de set. de 2021
Respondendo a

Thanks Ashley! We really appreciate you. We are in DFW now, in Sunnyvale!

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