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Mobile IV Services

When requesting a Mobile IV Visit, please keep in mind that appointment times are limited by travel distance and the number of patients who have booked before you. A nurse may be available immediately, or not at all, depending on the number of other booked appointments, and the locations of those bookings.

If you can't come to us, don't worry. We can still help you Feel Better Faster with our Mobile IV Service. If you're asking where there's "mobile IV service near me", Rapid Recovery is.

Though we have some time and distance restrictions, we can generally visit you at your home, hotel, office, jobsite, or event.

There is a small travel charge, and we don't take oxygen or NAD+ off-site, but most all our IV therapies and injections are available with our Mobile Services. When booking a treatment you will have the option of selecting "Off-site" and entering an address.


After you book you'll receive a call from our staff to confirm details.

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