Tyler, Texas


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We know that if you didn't want to be somewhere nice and relaxing you'd just go to an ER. That's why we've put cushy recliners, blankets, puffy pillows, little water fountains, and big flat-screen TVs in our rooms.

You'll have a free WiFi connection, a snack, and a private room, so you can rock out with your earbuds, get some work done, or just recline and sleep. We want you to be comfortable, so if you want it, ask.

Here are some photos and videos of our office.

Feel free to let your scheduler know if you have a room preference. 

Shreveport Lobby

Shreveport  Room 1 

Shreveport Room 2

Group party

Shreveport Room 3

The Biggie

Tyler Lobby

Tyler  Room 1 

The Ladies' Lounge

Tyler  Room 2

The Manroom

Tyler  Room 3

Migraine Room

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