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Rapid Recovery

Many moons ago one of our founders, Bob, went to a bachelor party a day early with another of the groomsmen. The two of them decided to have a night out before the rest of the party arrived.

Bad idea. At 11 the next morning Bob called his casino host and asked to have his flight changed. He was bad off, going home, and skipping the bachelor party. Luckily, Nick at Caesar's decided to call a car and have Bob sent to an IV spa. Though afraid of needles, Bob went ahead and went, in his jammies.

An hour and a half later Bob was back at the tables, drinking a double and ready for the party to start in earnest.

In late 2016 Bob told Rachel, "Those IVs are a miracle and we've got to open one of these in Shreveport", they talked to Dr. Shaik (who Bob worked for), and those three put together a plan to bring a high-quality, medically excellent, IV spa to the area.

Going on 7 years later, Rapid Recovery is known nationwide as one of the country's premier IV spas. Bob has been quoted in national men's health magazines, interviewed internationally on podcasts, appeared on multiple television stations to speak about IV therapy, and is the author of "This Shouldn't Hurt a Bit - Finding The Right IV Therapy For You". 

We've earned our reputation by always doing what's right for the patient, including utilizing an all-RN team of nurses who have at least 5 years of extensive and intensive IV experience, buying only from U.S. based high-quality pharmacies, following rigorous disinfecting and safety protocols, and steering clear of any "fad" treatments that aren't 100% safe.

We don't do hair coloring, Botox, lash extensions, or anything other than IVs and injections, because we believe you can't be the best at something if you try to do everything, and we'd never get a prescription medical procedure anywhere that would do our nails, eyebrows, or hair at the same time.

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Dr. Shaik (Muzakeer A. Shaik, M.D.), who is in charge of all our medical decisions, is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. He completed internship and residency at Columbia University Hospital, and has been a hospitalist and Internal Medicine physician in East Texas at hospitals in Tyler and Longview, and Baylor Scott & White in DFW for many years.


He picked this picture to let you know he's more than a physician, he's a super dad.

Dr. Shaik is responsible for oversight of all policies and procedures, and is the prescribing physician on every treatment given by

Rapid Recovery.

Bob is a former neonatal therapist with experience in Tyler, Longview, and DFW.


Our #1 priority is your safety.


Since 2017 we've been doing it "right", and that's the way the Rapid Recovery Experience will always be.

The Rapid Recovery Experience

That title is in our Policies and Procedures manual that every nurse gets and signs that they understand. We mean it, we teach it, we believe in it, and we live it. 

What does it mean? It means that when you come to Rapid Recovery, you're going to have a DIFFERENT experience than you've ever had in a healthcare setting.

Unlike most IV centers, we don't have group rooms where you are treated with people you don't know. We have private rooms where you can get your treatment privately, or with a small group that comes with you. Unlike a doctor's office, you don't sit in a crowded lobby forever. Unlike an ER or urgent care center, you aren't sitting next to someone who's bleeding or screaming.

Each one of our rooms has comfortable seating. Maybe it's a couch, a loveseat, a big puffy recliner, or maybe it's a nice chaise lounge. You can expect to find a complimentary Keurig coffee bar at each location. You will find a basket of snacks, a refrigerator with healthy drinks, and mints (in case you get that "vitamin" taste in your mouth during your treatment). You'll be offered a heated blanket, because room temperature fluids being infused can make you feel cold. You're welcomed to take any of the little Rapid Recovery goodies like pens and koozies. 

You should never see anything but a smile from anyone who works with Rapid Recovery.

When you leave you'll get an AfterCare card with an alcohol prep pad and a change of bandage, that explains how you should take care of your infusion site.

If you don't find your nurse to be wonderful or your experience to be excellent, let us know. Everyone who comes into Rapid Recovery gets The Rapid Recovery Experience, or we make it right.

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional medical care and outstanding service.

What to Expect

First time at Rapid Recovery?

Unsure of the process?

No problem. The video on your left will explain everything you need to know about your trip.

Giving Back

As many of you know, we offer free IV therapy with anti-nausea and non-narcotic pain meds to any child who is suffering through chemotherapy. If you know of ANY kid who feels rotten from enduring chemo, and their treating oncologist or pediatrician will send us an email or a fax giving us permission to treat the child with fluids, and/or Zofran, Toradol, and/or Infuvite (multivitamin), we'll treat that kid for free, and we'll treat them like royalty. Send them to us so we can make their day!

It's very important to us to give back to our communities. We aren't asked to nearly often enough. So, CALL US. If you have an organization that gives back to one of our communities, and you need some help, please contact us. We're here to give back to the people who, and communities which, take care of us.

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