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Rapid Recovery is staffed by Dr. Shaik, an M.D. who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and maintains a thriving practice, and a team of Registered Nurses who each have at least 5 years of intensive IV experience.

All of our nurses have achieved at minimum an R.N. designation, and some have continued their education to the BSN, MSN, and NP levels. 

We're one of the few IV spas in the country to require such a high level of nursing education and experience, and nearly all of our IV Specialists have worked in IV intensive settings such as Emergency Rooms and Infusion Centers.

Our primary goals are your health and safety, and we go the extra mile to find people who can ensure those things for you. 

When you call Rapid Recovery you'll speak with Rachel or Bob, our owners. We will make sure you're treated well and that if you have any issues they're taken care of promptly.

If you still aren't sure about IVs and injections, head to our Education Page, and get reassured.

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