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Everything we do

... from private rooms with leather recliners and bigscreen TVs, to complimentary snacks and drinks, is done with one thing in mind: To help you Feel Better Faster.

Whether you're recovering from an illness, are jetlagged, stayed in the sun too long, found yourself suffering from a migraine, worked or played too hard, or just plain drank too much, Rapid Recovery is here to safely, quickly, and effectively help you Feel Better Faster.

Our custom IV fluid packages infused with vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and medicines can be administered in your home, your office, your hotel, at your event, or in our luxury facilities.

How About Your Place?

Sometimes you just can't get to our office. Maybe you're getting ready for your wedding. Maybe half your group has gotten back from the casino floor, and the other half hasn't. Maybe you don't want to load the kids in the car but you really need some help. Heck, maybe you're just getting ready for a big presentation and don't have time to tear yourself away from your computer.

We understand.

No need to search for "Mobile IV Service". For a small extra charge we can come to you. With smiles and all the goodies to help you Feel Better Faster.

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For Your Comfort

All our facilities reflect a vision for a new way to

recover, repair, and rehydrate,

without crowds, waits, or outrageous bills.

More than just an IV hydration clinic - an oasis.


You'll be able to fix yourself a flavored coffee or tea, grab a juice, relax with a snack bar or cookie,

and catch up on that show you've been streaming... in peace and quiet...

Your kids are welcomed in our family rooms, where we have games, snacks, coloring books, tablets, and

kid-friendly TV options.

Don't risk the results of searching "IV therapy near me". 


This is the way recovery was meant to be.