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Shreveport IV therapy spa providing IV fluids and IV vitamins, minerals, meds, and aminos to relieve the symptoms of illness and exertion, and cure a hangover. 


​We know what it's like to feel less than 100%. We understand that your life is interrupted. Our goal is to get you back in the game, in record time.


Treatments range from basic essential fluids, to a superpack of fluids and the minerals, vitamins, and boosters you need. Our IV treatments can also include critical medicines to put a stop to nausea and headache.

We also offer a range of injections and oxygen therapy, if fluids aren't necessary.

Peaceful Facilities

​When you first step through our doors you'll enter a place where you can relax, recline, and leave the healing to us.

IV Therapy

The critical fluids your body needs to conduct business as usual. Start with fluids and add what you need. Starts at $99.

Professional Medical Treatment

Our treatments aren't simply fast, convenient, and cost-effective, they're administered by licensed medical professionals who care about patients.

Injection Therapy

When you don't need fluids, but you are lacking vitamins, minerals, or enzymes, and need a little boost.

Start feeling like yourself again, in less than an hour, for as little as $99.

Oxygen Therapy

Long-term smoking, short-term exertion, or environmental factors can leave you lacking. Oxygen can help.

When staying in bed all day isn't really an option...