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Is IV therapy in this setting safe?

You're about to have someone stick a needle in your vein and put things into your bloodstream. This isn't a happy-go-lucky oxygen bar that serves cocktails, this is serious, and we take it seriously. Our doctor treats patients in Intensive Care Units 5 days a week. Our nurses all have tremendous amounts of education and experience. We seem fun, and we seem casual, but we're very serious about this.


We take your BP because we don't want it going up (which it can with fluids) too much if it's already high, or if it's already low, dropping (which can happen with certain meds we occasionally infuse) too much. We take your heart rate because we want to make sure you're not going to go into tachycardia (very rapid heart rate). We ask a lot of questions about your medical history because there are past or current conditions which may make an IV unsafe. We ask a lot of questions about allergies because we don't want you have an allergic reaction. We ask a lot of questions about the medicines you take because we don't want there to be a bad reaction between something you're taking and something you're getting. We don't treat people who have done this, that, or the other. Why? Because WE are as concerned about safety as you are.

If you're honest with us when we do your brief physical and medical history, and you listen to us regarding caring for your infusion site (needle stick) afterwards, it's perfectly safe.


Do you offer High-Dose Vitamin C for Cancer patients?

We offer Vitamin C in doses as high as 10g, but that's all. Though there are studies that show that high doses of Vitamin C (20g or more) can be beneficial for some cancer patients, there are potential side effects, and the science has not been adopted by the larger medical community. We certainly believe that patients on chemo and radiation can benefit from fluid replenishment, nausea fighting meds, pain relieving meds, and vitamin infusions though, and encourage them to try IV therapy after treatment. If and when Dr. Shaik and the medical community at large embrace high-dose Vitamin C therapy we will revisit offering it to our patients.

Should we tip our nurse if we're very happy with our service?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Our nurses are very well paid to treat each and every patient with the exact same excellent level of service. You pay us well for great service and our company policy is that we do not allow anyone on the staff to accept extra payments or tips in any form.

Do you treat children?

In some cases, with parental consent, we will. The decision to treat a minor is made on a case by case basis with careful consideration of the patient's previous IV experience, their size, their allergy history, and the opinion of their pediatrician. In general we don't treat any child who is  under 100 pounds, even with parental consent.

I've heard it feels cold going into my veins. Why?

The Ringer's Lactate (fluids) in our IVs is stored at room temperature, approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Your internal body temp is approximately 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, so the cool sensation you feel is due to that temperature difference. It's harmless and safe.

If you want your blanket heated (yes we have that), just ask your nurse.

How soon will I feel the effects of the treatment?

This of course depends on how dehydrated, exhausted, or sick you are, but though some patients feel better almost immediately (within ten minutes), generally about a half an hour is standard for relief.

I have medicine I got from (my doctor, a friend, an internet pharmacy). Can you put it in an IV for me?

This question really hurts to answer because we know if you went to the trouble to get something, you probably really need it, or at least really want it. The problem for us is that we don't know if the medicine was shipped properly, stored properly, or if it's even what it's supposed to be. If we infuse something you bought on the internet and it turns out to have been a scam, we could seriously injure you and lose our licenses. Everything we put into someone comes directly from a licensed reputable U.S. pharmacy, straight to us. We will be glad to help you find someone or help you in other ways, but we can't infuse anything we haven't had from start to finish.

I didn't see a place to sign up for a membership. Do you offer Memberships, and if not, why not?

This may just be a personal bias, but we don't currently offer memberships. The real reason is probably because we once joined a massage spa on a $59 monthly membership and only went once in 10 months. That was a $590 massage. We've also joined gyms and forgotten to go... for a year. Getting an IV is generally a "whoops" moment. "Whoops I got the flu", "whoops I drank too much", or "whoops I ran a 10k and didn't stay hydrated." It's rare that getting an IV is a routine deal. Maybe if you travel a bunch for work or work in the oilfield or something like that. In those cases we make sure you get a nice discount for being a "frequent flyer" because we want to reward you for your loyalty, but we don't want you to feel obligated to come see us. The LAST thing we want is to show up on your credit card statement every month for 4 months when you haven't seen us, and leave a bad taste in your mouth for us. We'll take care of making sure you get a discount for coming regularly, but we aren't going to guilt you into coming by making sure you're paying for it either way.

Are you REALLY open 24/7?

Well, yes and no. That's a pretty long explanation so we'll just leave this video here for you to watch, and it'll save you a bunch of reading and us a bunch of typing.

Do you treat pregnant women?

That's another yes and no answer. First, we don't treat anyone who is pregnant without very specific orders and instructions from their current Obstetrician. Pregnancy is a tricky thing, from gestational diabetes to higher blood pressure, and anything that goes into your veins makes its way to your baby. ALWAYS better safe than sorry with pregnancy.


Secondly, we don't ever treat pregnant people with Zofran. Some studies say it's fine. Some studies say treatment with Zofran leads to greater risk of birth defects. We've spoken with OB/Gyns who say it's safe in small amounts, and some who say "never". Some IV therapy centers do treat pregnant women with Zofran. One of our owners is a former neonatal therapist who is especially cautious about pregnancy and infants, and there just isn't a good consensus in the medical community, so until there's something out that's completely safe and virtually everyone agrees on it, we can't do it.

Lastly, magnesium is known to lower blood pressure, and may lower heart rate in some patients. If it's going to lower it in you, it's likely to do the same thing to your baby. We don't give magnesium or Zofran to pregnant women even if their OB says it's fine.

Why do I have to fill out all these forms and have the nurse check me before I can get an IV?

This is the most confusing question we get. You're about to let someone infuse medicine into your bloodstream. What if you get something that you're allergic to because we didn't ask? What if we didn't ask about the medicines you take and one of the things you take interacted with your IV? We ask a lot of questions, and we give you a brief physical, not because we want to waste time, because we want to keep you safe.

Do you take insurance?

Nope. Insurance companies require pre-certifications, and referrals, and half the time those take two or three days (if they come at all), and if you need help now (which pretty much everyone who shows up for an IV does), we'd have to treat you and then pray the insurance company came through, which they never do. With the way co-pays and deductibles work these days, you'll probably pay less without giving us an insurance card than you would if you did. We take cash or credit/debit cards.

How long does it take?

Well, your first time you'll need to fill out some new patient information in addition to having your vitals checked, so it'll take a bit longer than your subsequent visits, but after your first visit it'll take between 45 minutes and an hour and fifteen minutes depending on how quickly your body takes in the fluids. 

How often can I get a treatment?

Slow down cowpoke. The question should be "how often is it SAFE to get a treatment?" 

It depends on what you get, how much you weigh, your fitness level, and a bunch of other factors, but in general there's no good reason to see us more than once a week unless you're in great shape and work outdoors and just need plain old fluids. 

We'll certainly let you know how often it's safe for you to come, what it's safe for you to get, and if we shouldn't see you for a while.

Do you have a location in ______?

No. We're just one location right now, but we're expanding soon. We DO however know other IV Therapy Centers all over the country, and we know the ones we'd trust to treat you. Give us a call and we'll be happy to help you find someone wherever you happen to be.

Are you open on Holidays?

That kind of goes back to the "yes and no" answer to the "are you really open 24/7" question. People get sick on holidays too, so sure enough we answer the phones 24/7/365. We have a pool of nurses who take calls, so if it's Christmas or Memorial Day or Easter and you feel like you need us, give us a call and we'll work hard to see if one of our nurses can come in and help you Feel Better Faster.

Do you infuse Ketamine, are you considering it, and if not, why?

No we don't, and no we aren't. Why? Well, several reasons, but first and foremost is that we (meaning the medical community) just don't know enough about it. Ketamine isn't Advil, or vitamins, or even Prozac, it's a serious anesthetic. SERIOUS.  Though there's plenty of reading about it which we'll link here, about all you need to know is the first sentence from Wikipedia:

"Ketamine is a medication mainly used for starting and maintaining anesthesia. It induces a trance-like state while providing pain relief, sedation, and memory loss."

It's anesthesia. That induces memory loss. A lot of people nationwide are using it for depression or pain-relief, or any number of other things, but there's a reason they have to have crash carts sitting around when you get it. IV Ketamine clinics are popping up all over the country and they're highly profitable, but you know what we like more than vacation homes and boats? Our patients. We're sure there are people doing these infusions safely, but there's just too much risk, from cardiac distress to pulmonary insufficiency to potential addiction and more, and not enough good science about why it should be used and how it can be used safely, in it for our taste.

If you want to read more, from the real experts, check out THIS LINK from the American Psychiatric Association.

Do you have a cleanse or detox iv package?

We aren't anti-fun by any stretch of the imagination, as a matter of fact we opened because one of our owners ended up with a massive hangover in Vegas and got sent by his casino host to an IV spa. After feeling 10000% better and heading back to the tables, and ordering a drink, he came straight home and started working on opening Rapid Recovery. That said, too much alcohol is stupid, but it's legal. Everybody loses track of the old drink count every so often. Not everybody decides to do something illegal and try to sneak it past a drug test. We probably could come up with something for that, but we aren't going to because we're medical professionals who are here to make people feel better, not help them make decisions that are (a) bad for them, and (b) illegal. 

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