What Our Patients Say

Just a few of the dozens of really humbling things our patients have said about the care we've given them. We love all of them and are so thankful for their kind words.

If you've been and would like to review us, there are links at the bottom of the page.

Was feeling effects of being a northerner exercising in Louisiana. Found this iv therapy business and was able to schedule appointment within an hour. Staff are very accommodating and thorough. Options were presented based on my needs. Reasonably priced too. Started feeling better during treatment. Very pleased.  E.M. - Facebook

Rapid recovery is incredible. The staff was super accommodating and nice. You can get comfortable in your own room while getting your treatment. Thumbs up !  J.B.  7/18

"I called wicked early, figuring I would leave a message and they would get back to me, but Rachel answered and was so nice and helpful. They got me an appt within an hour, and Gwen, my nurse, was wonderful. The atmosphere is very calming. I highly recommend their services."  -  M.M.M   

 "Convenient location with a quiet relaxed atmosphere. Knowledgeable and friendly nursing staff. A great place to rehydrate for any reason.  Whether you are dehydrated from overexertion, too much heat or sun, or too much celebrating, this is the place to go!  I have been twice and this is the "hydration fountain of youth"! Within an hour after receiving fluids you feel energized, clear headed and ready to take on anything.  My skin looked amazing!  Plumped and glowing with wrinkles smoothed.  Plus, after treatment, I literally want to drink more water because I can see the benefits it provides.  To get all this at such a reasonable price is wonderful. I highly recommend Rapid Recovery!"  -  M.M.   4/17

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