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IV Spas We Know and Love

Allen, Texas - InfusaLounge

No harder worker in the IV industry, not even us, than Melissa Chester. If it's good she wants it better, if it's great she wants it the best. Just knowing how hard she works at InfusaLounge is tiring. 

Charlotte, North Carolina - Hydrate Medical

Run by one of the best ER docs in the country. Doesn't let anything slip through the cracks. Policies are exemplary.

Chicago - IVme

The original, and still one of the best. Stellar clinical staff. Dr. Jack is interviewed in every publication in the country because he's known as "the hydration guru". Ask for Gina by the way. So good. So cool. One of the best nurses you'll ever meet.

Colorado Springs - Elevation Hydration

The single best IV starter I've ever seen or heard about. If I were in the back of an ambulance and only had one shot at someone hitting my vein, there's zero question in my mind that Corey is the person I'd pick. You generally can't tell who is the "best ____" in the country, whether it's a baseball player or a restaurant, or whatever, because there are so many people who are great at what they do, but I'm pretty confident that Corey is actually the BEST IV starter in the country. I don't know any in other countries so I'll just stop at the borders.

Dallas - Vitalogy

There's a reason they already have four locations. Innovation. One step ahead at all times.

Denver - Hydrate IV Bar

Best reviews on the web.

El Paso - Drip Drive mobile 

Ashley Nahle is the most loved owner of any IV spa. Even other IV spa owners who compete with her love Ashley. 

Milwaukee - Health Hydration Oasis

My vote for best medical director/owner ANYWHERE. Dr. Alia Fox has H2O so far above and beyond what's required, they don't even remember what is required. Regulations are what everyone else strives to meet. Dr. Fox would cringe if H2O only met the regulations. Actually, if she wrote the IV spa regulations everyone would be better. Just as an aside, if Gloria Vanderbilt were still alive, even she would be impressed by the decor. Plus the doc is an anesthesiologist and she looks like a model. Don't you hate people like that?  ;-)

New Orleans - Remedy Room

Doctor is not just an IV star, she's a wellness GURU. Actually, it's pretty widely thought that her father was the originator of IV therapy as we know it today. Mignonne Mary (the doctor) is as dedicated to your health as... well, she's more dedicated to your health than you are.

Odessa, Texas - Enliven

SERIOUSLY dedicated owner. Katrina Bustos is relentless about learning, improving, and doing anything she can to be better.

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