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What We Dig About Shreveport


Great Food

Cool Bars


Things To Do

We Olive & Wine Bar - If you aren't going to We Olive, we don't know what you're doing with your life. That's all we need to say. PLEASE try We Olive.

Glenwood Tea Room - This is the way it is done. Take your daughter so she can learn to love the finer things in life at an early age. You have to make reservations for tea time so you know it's amazing.

Superior's Steak House - Wow. Insane steaks, fabulous sides, and a wine list Robert Parker would love. Birthday, Valentine's Day, every day if you can afford it.

Ki Mexico - Probably the trendiest restaurant in town. One of those places you drop in conversation with someone totally hip, like "we were at Ki the other day...", so you'll look cooler than you are. Fantastic tacos. Fair warning: Don't order a margarita. No such thing. You won't mind though.

Marilynn's Place - If you're from out of the area and you're looking for mudbugs (crawfish) and authentic Cajun food, this is it. If you're from around here, one word: BRUNCH. Going to brunch at Marilynn's instantly puts you in the "Cool Kids Club".

Noble Savage Tavern - This is the kind of place you'd be every day if you lived in New York and it was on the corner. As much a community as a bar. Sick beer selection and great food.

Oyster Bar and Grille - If you don't go to Oyster Bar, I don't trust you. The food is some of the best in town, the owners are present, cool, and care, the crowd is always friendly, and the place is always fun. Try to beat that, and if you can, let me know.

Round Bar - They do more than beer, but if you're one of those folks who wants a milk stout, low hop, high alcohol, funky glass, Scooby Dooby Brau from Lichtenstein, on tap, served at exactly 32.5 degrees, this is the only place in town you're going to find it. They have like 60 different kinds on tap and just as many more in bottles.

Sandbar - Not the oldest crowd in town, but definitely the most excited. Gets VERY hopping. There are a zillion things to do, from beer pong and video games, to dancing at The Vault and really good pizza. The other thing is, you'll be getting up to go to work before  Sandbar closes. 

Mudbugs Hockey - So, you're a football fan, you're a baseball fan, you're a basketball fan, and you think hockey is for Yankees. Go watch these guys fly up and down the ice, beating the crud out of each other and flicking that puck around and you'll be hooked. These people put on a GREAT show and half the entertainment isn't even the game. True story. A BLAST.

SciPort - You just thought "SciPort's for kids".  Whatever. SciPort is cool. Take your kid so you don't look like a nutjob, and then land the space shuttle a few times and make that thing where you drop an egg from the second story and check to see if it cracked. We did it and our egg survived. There's your challenge. Seriously though there is a ton of cool stuff at SciPort, in addition to that IMAX movie place, which is fantastic.

On Cloud Wine - We aren't saying "don't go to Napa when it's all right here," but this place is fun. Cool patio and the wine is better than you think it's going to be. A happening little joint, especially on the weekend when the weather is good. Take a date and you'll be a hero for showing them the secret cool spot, and they'll think you're cultured.

Shreveport Medical businesses we trust

The Netflix of Doctors


No kidding. You pay a subscription fee, and you go when you want, call when you want, text when you want, and have A doctor. Have insurance? Great, but can you text your doctor or go see them tomorrow? Doubtful. Don't have insurance? Now you don't need it. It costs about half your cable bill. Check Dr. Mandy Crow out at

Not Just Water


We're always telling you to drink more water. Drink water, drink water, drink water. Now we're telling you to drink THIS water. We don't own it or sell it or have anything to do with it, but we trust the people who do. Check out this super water from Dr. Jack at 

Beyond Cool... Cold

chill and heal.jpg

-200 degrees Fahrenheit? That's a start. This is cryotherapy the way the pro athletes (NFL, NBA, etc.) do it. Great for all manner of ailments. Larry and Jen West  have been in the medical field for years and when they did this and researched it, they just went ahead and opened one. Check it out at

Looking Good Lewis

Feeling Good Todd


Sometimes you just want this done or that done, and makeup or cleanser or over the counter products just won't do. Maybe you really need an aesthetician or a practitioner. Well, there's nowhere better to go than Fixx Medical Spa, whether you're looking for micro-needling or Botox, or skin rejuvenation. These are THE pros.

Completely Healthy Life

dr karen.jpg

Dr. Karen is the person to see if you're "sick and tired of being sick and tired". That's her slogan. Here's the deal, if you can find a better person than Dr. Karen, or just someone her age who is as healthy as she is, you're looking damned hard. We whole-heartedly recommend her if you want to live a healthier life.

Serious Beauty


Dr. Pennington, at Pennington Facial Plastics, calls herself a plastic surgeon. This is false. Dr. Pennington is actually some sort of Rembrandt with a scalpel who does things that you'd swear are fake if you only saw the pics on the internet. Absolute miracle worker.

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