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What We Love About Tyler

Grab A Drink

True Vine Brewing Company is pretty much all things cool in the world, rolled up into one spot. Really great craft beers, shockingly good pizza, great atmosphere, cool stage area, and good live music all in one spot. Do visit. You'll see us there frequently.

Rose City Draft House has something like eleventy billion beers on tap, outdoor seating, big TVs, bar games, hosts all sorts of fantasy football league deals and on and on. Plus it's close to our office so we dig it. If there isn't a beer there on tap that you like, you just plain don't like beer.

Eat Well

Where should I go in Tyler for a special dinner? The Grove. Where should I go for brunch? The Grove. Where should I go for an upscale bar experience? The Grove. Where should I go for a cool patio and live music? The Grove. Where should you go in Tyler? The Grove. We hope all that was clear enough.

Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ. It boils down to this: Dave Grohl made a special trip to eat there, and that's really all you need to know. Bonus points if you go on a night that Big Funky Cloud is playing live.

Some people only think of Kiepersol as a winery. Some think of it only as a restaurant. Some know it for its distillery. Lots of folks consider it a bed and breakfast. Whatever you think it is, it's a cool way to spend some time, the wine is better than you'll expect, and the restaurant and bar are both great. You owe it to yourself to spend some time at Kiepersol.

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Have Fun

Everybody knows about the classics around here.


We've ALL been to the Caldwell Zoo, which is one of the best half dozen or so in Texas.

Tyler is called the Rose City for a reason and the Rose Festival, Rose Parade, and Rose Gardens are all institutions.

You've probably even been to Tyler State Park.

BUT, have you been to these places?

The Goodman-LeGrand House. Wow. Antique MADNESS.

Tiger Creek Wildlife Reserve. Equal parts cool and scary!

Discovery Science Place is a great place to take the kids, or... not. It's got a lot of little "what?!?!" moments.

Other Tyler Healthcare Providers

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Life gets in the way of living. Sometimes you have a surgery. Sometimes you get sick. Sometimes you just fall over and injure the heck out of yourself. Looking for someone to help you get back into life, the fight, or the game? That's what MidSouth Transition Medical Group does. Whether you're getting out of a hospital or a nursing home or just out of bed, they can get you where you want to be. 

While this isn't specifically a "healthcare provider", they're key. Do you know what Activities Directors are? They're the people who organize games, social outings, and good times for your loved ones who are in facilities. They're KEY to quality of life for older folks, and they're always looking for help and volunteers. The East Texas Activities Professionals Association makes life around here better. Click and see if you can help.

We get a lot of "do you have a serious weight loss program?" No, but Tyler WELLcare does. "Do you have a pain relief program that goes beyond NSAIDs?" No, but Tyler WELLcare does. "Do you do bioidentical hormone replacement?" No, but Tyler WELLcare does. So if it's chronic and serious... Tyler WELLcare.

renew you.jpg

ReNew You Cryotherapy- This might sound crazy, but getting into an upright coffin filled with freezing nitrogen gas is actually good for you according to studies. We didn't see that coming either, but there's a reason NFL teams buy these units for their rehab areas. Apparently it's good for arthritis and muscle pain and lots of other stuff, and these folks at ReNew You have the program down to a science.


How old are your parents? How about your grandparents? Do you think about where they're going to live, how they're going to be cared for, and whether or not they'll be safe and happy? Of course you do. We all do. Lisa Lewis owns AskLisa and she can help you navigate the options. It's a hell of a lot better than relying on letting someone who doesn't know your family pick a place based on who brought lunch yesterday. Head to for peace of mind.

hand and stone.png

Part of the reason you come to Rapid Recovery, instead of going to an ER or a quick care, is that you want to be in a luxury environment. Well, the folks at Hand & Stone, in addition to being really good at what they do, have that deal down pat. It is NICE in there. Wish we'd have copied parts of it. This place does facials and massages the way you'd do them if you thought "I'm gonna open a massage and facial place, and I'm going to do it AWESOME."  Check them out HERE, and then go and treat yourself.

Change Your Life


So, yes this is a "healthcare provider" and we should probably put it in with the rest of the healthcare providers. That said, we believe in it so much we wanted it to have its own place on our Friends Page.

Why? This place is called Life Changing Fitness, and "Fitness" is probably the least important word in that whole name. Yes, it's a "gym". Yes they have yoga and weights and all the stuff other "gyms" have. The difference here is that this is a place for people who want to change their lives.

How is it that they accomplish that? Well, it's embarrassingly simple and I wish I'd have thought of it a decade ago. They are owned and staffed by real licensed physical therapists, DOCTORS, and nutritionists, among others. This isn't just a place to sneak in and pound out a 20 minute set of leg reps, it's a place to figure out why and where you hurt, what's wrong with you, what's good and what can improve, and put together a comprehensive plan to make you feel better all the time. It's Life Changing Fitness. The idea is to do it all and do it right, and live better. Hard to argue with that.

Head to their website HERE, and then head over and start your new, better, life.


We're a small business,. We know how hard it is. We work our butts off. We've also known a guy named Mark Allen a long time, and when we think of hard work we don't think of ourselves, we think of Mark. We can promise you one thing: Mark will go the extra mile and he will NEVER disappoint you. He's a workhorse, he is the ultimate customer service guy, and he'll take care of you. Even if you don't think you need new copiers, you need to call him. If you don't, he'll tell you. If you do, he'll save you a ton. We have 100% confidence in Mark and Epic Office Solutions.


They're at (903) 617-6188.

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