SUPER Nurses wanted!

We're Hiring

Are you looking for a job where you can travel to exotic locations, make gigabucks doing hardly any work, and spend your workdays with super cool people? 


So are we! If you find that deal let us know. 


In the meantime while you're looking for that mythical gig, come work with fairly cool people, making pretty good money, at a relatively stress-free job in rocking Shreveport, Louisiana or Terrific Tyler, Texas!


Rapid Recovery has a PRN/on-call pool of RNs and if you have extensive IV experience (like you can get an IV started in a dehydrated squirrel in one stick), no disciplinary marks on your nursing license, are the person who everyone in the hospital calls when they can't get an IV started, and live within 30 minutes of our office, we want you to join us. 


When we get a call from a potential patient after the office is closed we notify (by text) all the nurses in the call-pool, and the first one to take the assignment gets it. We pay our call nurses on a per/patient basis. The good news is that they sometimes come in pairs and you get paid on them individually (that's double the bucks for you non-math types). 

You'll meet the patient at the office, take a BP and a heart rate, have them fill out some paperwork, make sure they're okay to receive IV fluids, start them, monitor them for about an hour, and finish them up when the bag is empty.

So, if you're sitting on your couch on a Wednesday, are the "go-to" IV person at your regular job, haven't had anything to drink, and want to make way more than you would in the hospital or for a home health, this is the deal for you. 

If this sounds like the dream job you've been waiting for, email us at, and be sure to include a snazzy resume and stunning cover letter.