Not even a word about IVs

Something struck a chord in us the other day,

so we're doing A COMPLETELY different (and really long) kind of newsletter today.

What goes around comes around

SOOOO many people have helped us
We're returning the favor.

So that's what the entire newsletter is going to be about this month.

Every time we turn around there's some patient, some friend, some company that believes in us and tells a buddy, a co-worker, a family member, or just a random stranger.

It has really helped us. We nearly had a record August (though it's cheating to say so because we now have two offices when we used to just have one), and even though the first one isn't doing what it was before Covid and the economy crashing, it's alive and kicking and that's saying something.

So, it occurred to us that things like that don't happen without help. This month we're going to look at places in both towns where we have offices which we think would benefit from your support. We read something interesting the other day, and it really hit home: Walmart is going to survive this. McDonald's is going to survive this. Old Navy is going to survive this. Is the market, restaurant, or clothing store your neighbor owns going to survive this? That's up to you.

Even if only one person reads this whole thing and changes one decision about using one person who's helped us, it's worth "wasting" a whole newsletter.

So you may know this story already. We called our "radio guy" Don Zimmerman

( from Alpha Media about a new commercial. He works with 98 Rocks in Shreveport, The River in Shreveport, JackFM in Tyler, and quite a few other channels in our area. Don has really changed our business. He honestly cares about his customers. No kidding. If you own a business you should get in touch with him.

Anyway, he was with another customer and mentioned us. The guy (Randy Matthews) he was with said "I've been there. Love the place." So, Don quickly said "well, do you want to record a testimonial?" And Randy did.

It's been our most loved commercial ever. 

Randy owns a small business himself. He owns Cash N-A Flash, a pawn shop at 401 E. Texas Street in Bossier City. Turns out those places aren't just for emergency loans. You can buy ALL SORTS OF STUFF at Cash N-A Flash, and at damned good prices. Next time you need something, swing by or give them a call. Home Depot is gonna survive whether you go buy that socket set or not. Randy is a good guy who'll sell you one cheaper, and you'll help keep the local economy afloat. And if you want killer advertising results, you can't go wrong with Don.


Everybody needs doctors. Sucks to be sick, but it happens (or else we wouldn't be here) and everybody eventually needs a doctor or two or five to get back on track.

If there's one thing we know from all our time in the medical field (20 years plus each), it's doctors. 

Want a good one? That's something we can recommend. 

First off, if you're in Shreveport:

Of all the people we've met in our travels and travails, it's pretty easy to say we have not run across an all-around better human being than Dr. Karen Pendleton. She doesn't just treat your symptoms or your illness, she treats you. Like all of you. If you walk into her office, prepare to get and stay healthy. If you want to keep eating like crap, not exercising, being tired and depressed half the time, probably ought to look for a different doctor. On top of that, she's so smart and so good at everything she does it wouldn't surprise us to find out she was the result of some sort of genetic enhancement experiment. You can find her at

Speaking of good folks, we got a phone call from Dr. Mary Crow (also Shreveport) asking us to help her  find out where her patients could get the least expensive cash price MRIs and CT scans. She didn't want a referral fee, a part of the profit, or anything other than getting her people the best deal she could. This from someone who also takes patients with no insurance at really fair subscription prices and TEXTS her patients herself. Sounds nuts, but it's true. Can't go wrong with her either. You can find out more about her primary care practice at

So, this will sound different. Everybody doesn't need a Gastroenterologist. When you do though, nothing else is going to work for you. And remember, if your belly isn't right YOU aren't going to be right. So, normally people in the medical field are afraid of "recommending" other people in the medical field, just in case something goes wrong. Not us. If you are anywhere near Tyler, Texas and you need a Gastro, if Andre Gasic ( ) can't fix you, you probably can't be fixed. It sounds dumb to say someone is so smart they should've been something other than a doctor, but with Andre it's true. He probably should've been a scientist working on colonizing other planets or something. So, he can fix your GI tract.

Speaking of your belly, if you have decided you want to look into weight loss surgery, and you want a doctor who is going to not just do your surgery and do it well, but make sure you stay on track afterwards, stay healthy, accomplish your goals, and become a better version of you, just put down the Google search and go see Dr. Charles Keith at UT. Now, if you don't care if your doctor cares about you after your surgery I suppose you can go off to Dallas or Houston, but if you want someone who's going to take you through the PROCESS of surgical weight loss from explanation to success, Dr. Keith is your guy. You can find him at

Eat Papa, Eat.

I don't know where that's from but our daughter says it all the time. Some movie or somewhere. Anyway, everybody's got to do it. The question is where.

Well, let's take it by category and see what we can see.

Pizza: Everybody likes pizza. Remember what we said though. Domino's and Pizza Hut aren't going under whether you go there or not. But what about the local places? Hell, they just might. We can't imagine a world without some of our favorite local pizza joints, so if you're in the mood for a slice or 5, don't miss these:

Tyler:  True Vine. We hear you. "That's a beer company that sells pizza on the side." Well, some people would argue that it's a pizza joint that sells beer on the side. The pizza is STELLAR. Worth that long line. ;-)

There's a Rotolo's in Tyler also, and if you can find a better calzone than Rotolo's calzone, please let us know. And get a load of this chicanery, Wednesday nights they're on sale and cheaper than a burger chain value meal. Rachel never finishes hers. Bob? Absolutely.


Shreveport: Back to good people who are good at what they do, it wouldn't surprise us to find out that Elizabeth, the owner of Flying Heart Brewery, gives away all her profits and lives in a cardboard box. She's ALWAYS doing something for some charity, or someone else. And either she is a great brewmaster AND pizza chef, or she just hires really well because the food and beer at Flying Heart are killer.

If you think YOU are a great pizza chef, and you're looking for a huge selection of beers and a great scene, you get to design your own pizza at Pizza Rev, and it's about as cool a pizza place as you'll find. Your pizza won't be better than my pizza, but you're probably a better addition to the crowd.

Here's a category: All around goodness.

Let's say you're looking for a steak. Your daughter wants something with fish. Your spouse is thinking something crazy, like maybe a jalapeno burger. You sit around with everybody feeling lukewarm about everybody else's choices when someone says "let's do something different. Maybe on a lake or overlooking some water or something". No need to go out three nights in a row if you're near Cross Lake. Port au Prince on Cross Lake not only has all that, it's LOVED by people on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. As in people who are traveling go out of their way to go there.

Coolest thing about going this weekend? Half the roof got ruined in storms, they stayed open, and you can help fund the rebuild while enjoying the hell out of yourself.

If you go at sunset and don't think the view and food are awesome, call us and we'll give you a discount on your next IV. We're pretty confident.

They're at 5301 S. Lakeshore, and it wouldn't hurt to ask about wait/reservations at (318) 606-2001.

You might not need this, but...

Here's a pretty specific recommendation.

You in the oil business, or know someone who is? We do, and it has really changed the company for the better. Greg and Dayton Porter and Todd Davis of Gulf South Energy Services (they work all over the ArkLaTex) aren't just corporate customers, they're cheerleaders, believers, and great to work for if you're in the petroleum industry.


These guys take fantastic care of all their employees, and we find that really cool. On top of that, out of the blue they'll text us to say "hey we had an idea for you", or "we are working with a big company on this (hell if I know) project and their guys just look worn down all the time. We gave them your cards so we need some more". I mean come on... These are the kind of people you want to do business with if you're in the oil field.


They do something called flowback (which I don't understand) and well-testing and all sorts of stuff. I don't know what any of it is, but I know people they've worked with and for and I know they're damned good at it. You can find them at

Feel free to share this link with your friends and like us on Facebook.


So, that isn't all... We really want to help YOU too. If you own, manage, or just love a local business please let us know about it so we can help. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) said the other day it doesn't help anybody to wear a mask, but the CoC (Chamber of Commerce) said it damned sure helps everybody to buy locally.

Stay healthy, hydrated, and happy!

Thanks for reading and supporting us!

Rachel is a Halloween freak so I'm probably going to have a really corny october newsletter. I apologize in advance.

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