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Each month we try to bring you a fun, informative look at what's new at Rapid Recovery, health tips, cool stuff in the area, and any other news we think you'll dig. And of course we try to throw in the Cocktail of the Month.

February 24 Newsletter

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!

God I'm old... But seriously, there's news...

You've probably already heard some of this if you're on the internet, but if not...



Five... Fifth location. We finally did it. We signed a lease in North Bossier.


Don't get all excited like we're taking over the world. It was more a defensive move than anything else.


It's off Benton Road in the North Bossier Office Complex, and I swear it was built by the same person who built our Shreveport office. Either that, or the builder was a complete ripoff artist. It's literally EXACTLY the same as the Fern Avenue office, but flipped over.


We take possession of the joint on March 1, but won't open until April 2nd. It would make perfect sense to open on April 1st since that's a Monday, but I'm superstitious so I don't want to open on April Fools' Day.


We never figured out what the final story was with that crazy dude who was going after all the IV places, but another one opened up in the Bossier area last month, so if they can do it, we can too.


Also, to be completely honest, Shreveport is going in the toilet and we think maybe it's because there are so many other places, most of them in Bossier.

Shreveport is adding them left and right too. One opened literally walking distance from us in Shreveport, and it's swanky, but we'll just keep plodding along. The Shreveport location is down over 20% compared to last year, and we think it's because 1) some people are going to those "catch-all" places (which that new place is) that do Botox and IVs and everything else, and 2) Bossier is convenient for a lot of people who can't get all the way down to south Shreveport easily.


We aren't going to add aesthetics, so there's nothing we can do about that new place in Shreveport. Just got to keep plugging along and be better than they are. We CAN do something about losing Bossier patients, so we are. We did.

I guess the address would be a good thing to share...


1000 Chinaberry | Suite 501

Bossier City, Louisiana 71111

a handful.jpg
open late.jpg

Speaking of expansion

This summer (most likely starting some time in May) we're going to expand our hours. I'm going to try like hell to find nurses to split the shifts and go 8 to 2, and 2 to 8, so the people who work 8 to 5 can still come in and get IVs in the heat of the summer. Trying everything. ;-)



If you call our number and someone you don't recognize answers the phone, don't lose it. You can still talk to us.


In all honesty, Rachel has been completely losing her chips over the phone. Makes me afraid to go home half the time. We get a TON of calls all day every day, and she's at the end of her rope. I work my butt off preaching about IVs all day to get the phone to ring, and she hates it when it does. I think that after 7 years she's just tired of the monotony of the calls.


"Do I need an appointment?"

"No ma'am. We take walk-ins til 4."

"Great. So I can just walk in?

"Yes ma'am. We're taking walk-ins."

"I can come at 3:30?"


"And I don't need an appointment?"


You should see her poor little face after the 8th one of those in a day. We also get a lot of calls about donating to charities, advertising in this, that, or the other, and 19 kinds of other stuff that's driving her up a wall. She's getting mean on the phone and that's red hot death for a service business. So, we're hiring a cheerful young lady to answer the phones and just handle the "Where are you" type questions.


We'll still answer the hard stuff, all the suggestions and medical questions, and send you to Dr. Shaik if we have to. We're still available, though you might have to get transferred. We tried to hire a service, and it seemed like a genius idea, but that lasted about 7 hours because they sucked like a brand new Dyson.

We're still working on the beverages,

It's just that the FDA is bloody hell to work with, and way more complex than I thought.


We're working with a company out of Nashville now that's done all this before. Probably go right into bankruptcy doing it, but I'm not giving up because I love the idea.

Lab work training is starting next Monday

so we are literally right around the corner from the most custom IV therapy you have ever seen outside a kickass hospital.

I'm hoping you survive Lent, 

and I'm telling you now because you know I'm not super regular with these newsletter and might not get back with y'all until it's over. I thought about giving up alcohol this year, but I can't really see myself going there just yet, so I'm giving up cokes... you know, sodas of all kind. Last year I gave up coffee and that sucked so badly I still have scar tissue. 

I probably won't be back around with one of these for a bit, so we'll compare success stories when it's over.  ;-)

Have a GREAT month, and we'll see you back here when the comings and goings warrant it.


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