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Back to our Roots

December 2020

Occasionally you have to look back to move forward

When we first opened we thought
we were a hangover clinic.

Turns out, not so much.

During the year about 10-15% of our patients come in for hangovers. It's lower in the summer (around 10%), but this time of year it spikes to around 15%. Holiday parties, getting stuck indoors with nothing to do, Christmas break and so forth... those probably all lead to a few extra drinks and a couple of bad mornings.

So anyway, once again we're going to try to put ourselves out of business by helping you. We wrote a MASSIVE piece on how to avoid a hangover, with tips and tricks and things to buy and use, and how to whip one if you get one. I'm not sure why we do these things, but we do. 

YES, the best way to knock one out if you get one is to come in and get the Rockstar IV (for real, it's a beast), but if you don't want to have to come get a needle put in your arm we've shared our best ideas for making sure you don't get hungover in the first place, and how you can cure a light hangover all on your own. Big hangovers, we'll see you when you get here.

For the full article head to OUR BLOG.

If you read our social media, or our blog, or pay any attention to us whatsoever, you'll know we've been on a Vitamin D3 kick for the better part of a year.

Turns out that people who have a Vitamin D deficiency are more likely to get Covid-19, and they're more likely to have severe cases (like stuck in the hospital and maybe dying severe) than those who get plenty of Vitamin D.

So, that being said we've looked at all the available information and put together our own little "morning cocktail" to try and keep from getting the gunk, and to try and mitigate the problems if we do.

All those items you see to your left (5,000iu D3 gelcaps, Vitamin C powder, and zinc tabs) are cheap and easy to take, and you can get this all for about 90 cents a day. It's worth a buck just for the peace of mind, but it really can shorten the length of a virus, decrease the intensity, and maybe help keep you from getting one at all. Give it a shot. We do.

2021 calendar.jpg

So, it's CHRISTMAS!! And Hannukah! And New Year's! It's the holiday season!

We're all excited and everyone is full of the joy and the spirit of the season, and we're all being good neighbors, and doing for others and it's all good times.

While I've got you... look at that calendar up above. 2021. Just like every year, we all feed the homeless, we give to charities, we donate toys and clothes to foster children, and we really, really deep down try to do our best for our fellow human beings.

Then Spring rolls around. We're back at work, we're taking vacations, we're dreading the coming heat, and that "Christmas Spirit" sort of fades away.

Here's what you can do right now to make a MASSIVE difference in your community: Circle a date in June, July, or August. A date you can take a half a day off work, or spend an evening doing something. Circle that date and make it "Christmas in July". Smoke 5 racks of ribs and take them to the homeless shelter with cans of baked beans and a bunch of 2 liter Dr. Peppers. Buy a bicycle and give it to an orphanage. Take just a little of that "I want to help my fellow man" spirit that's EXPLODING in you right now, and leave yourself a reminder to have that same spirit 6 months from now when the ornaments are all packed away. Think of what good we can do if we plan ahead when our hearts are in the right place.

Well, this is FUN

So not that our treatments aren't worth every penny (and more), but we thought we'd give you a chance to win a free one.

If you come in for an IV, post a pic of yourself getting it, and tag us in it on Instagram or Facebook, we'll put your name in the bucket and give you a chance to win a drawing at the end of the month for an absolutely free treatment.

You can pick a Lagniappe IV, or any injection you want. To be honest, the value of the IV is way higher, so don't be the sucker who picks the B12 injection.  ;-)

Christmas is the time for Cocktails

I personally have no love at all for brandy, but I do have a heart full of love for the Brandy Alexander. If you are looking for an easy, sexy, tasty drink to sit with in front of your fireplace, you will not find a better concoction than the Brandy Alexander. Best of all, you can fiddle with the ingredients to get it just like you want it.

You're going to need any old cheap brandy (don't go buy some VSOP cognac for this), some Creme de Cocoa, heavy whipping cream, Hershey's chocolate syrup, and nutmeg. You can also get some cinnamon if you prefer it.

Take a cocktail glass (those flat-ish champagne glasses called coupes work great as do martini glasses) and squeeze a few lines of the Hershey's inside it. Then stick it in the fridge for a while to let the chocolate harden and the glass chill.

After about a half an hour or an hour take one shot each of the brandy, the Creme de Cocoa (and this is where you can substitute white chocolate creme de cocoa or just about anything similar), and the whipping cream (though you can also use the vanilla flavored here), and mix them in a martini shaker. 

Pour the mix in the glass, grate some nutmeg on the top, or a chocolate bar, or sprinkle some cinnamon or nutmeg from a spice jar on top. 

Make plenty. It's going to be a long, cold night.

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As long as we don't get hit by an asteroid in the next 4 weeks, it looks like we've made it. Goodbye 2020. Good riddance. What a crappy year.

Stay healthy, hydrated, and happy!

Thanks for reading and supporting us!

January 2021 we are going to blow the newsletter out with a real humdinger so be sure to check back then. Expanding again?

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