So, no, that won't work

Thinking about calling because you heard on TV that somebody said you could keep from getting Covid-19, or cure it if you have, by getting treatment at an IV spa?

Let's talk about that.

Won't Work, Might Work, We'll See, and You're Nuts

Probably not going to work, and we aren't going to try to find out

So, the first thing you might have heard is that it's possible to get an IV with hydrogen peroxide in it, and that could in effect "disinfect" your bloodstream. This is what created the confusion that the President was telling people to inject themselves with disinfectant. He was simply saying that there was research being conducted into whether or not a hydrogen peroxide IV would cure Covid-19.

Well, for starters, it doesn't matter if it does, because even though some IV places around the country do it for their patients, it's as dangerous as hell and we aren't going to do it. We just aren't going to put anything into your bloodstream that your mother used to use to clean out the scunge around the bottom of the bathtub.

It's true that hydrogen peroxide has some medical uses, and they're generally perfectly safe. Lots and lots of people use it to clean out cuts and scrapes because it's a good antiseptic. There just hasn't been enough testing to know how much to use in an IV, for whom it's safe, what the potential problems are, or what it helps. 

There's an audio piece at  that gives a little insight.

So if you're wondering, we're putting this one in the "You're Nuts" category.

Every time anyone says they have ANY illness, from gout to whooping cough to cancer, somebody tells them to get on a regimen of high dose Vitamin C. 

Vitamin C is not only good for strengthening your immune system, it's actually one hell of an anti-inflammatory. That's why people are conducting studies worldwide to give people suffering from Covid19 high doses of it intravenously. By "high dose" we are talking 20g or more. The anti-inflammatory properties are assumed to help with the pneumonia and pulmonary inflammation that are associated with the virus.

Seems like a good idea, but lots of people have bad reactions to high doses of Vitamin C, usually if given more than 20 grams. In order to know if your body will tolerate high doses in an IV you need a blood test. Well, needless to say we aren't going to start blood-testing people to infuse them with mega-C doses.

We do provide Vitamin C in doses as high as 15g, and there's plenty of clinical evidence that it's great for your immune system and works as an anti-inflammatory, so yes, if you have a respiratory condition it's probably not a bad idea to get a good solid whack of C. We'll rate this one a "Might Work".


Another "how the hell did they come up with that" potential treatment is Famotidine. You probably call this medicine "Pepcid". It's mainly used to treat heartburn and indigestion. Think of PepcidAC at the store, or something like Prilosec.

It turns out that in addition to stopping the production of acid in your stomach, Famotidine has some anti-viral properties. Northwell Health is conducting a study of 200 Covid19 patients right now using intravenous Famotidine, and of course every last bottle of PepcidAC has been bought at every pharmacy and grocery store, "just in case". Looks like if you get heartburn before the trial ends, you're just screwed.

No tests have been performed to determine whether or not the drug can be taken prophylactically (as a preventative), but you can bet that's coming. You'll just to live with the side-effects (which can include dizziness and constipation) if it proves effective.

Yes, we have Famotidine and infuse it regularly, but there's absolutely no evidence anywhere to suggest that it will keep you from getting the virus, and we'll have to wait and see how the Northwell study comes out to decide if it's worth taking if, God forbid, you have the virus. The FDA hasn't approved it as a treatment yet anyway, so unless your personal physician sends us an order to give it to you, noting that it's off-label use, assuming you have the virus, we wouldn't give it to you anyway. Dr. Shaik doesn't go for any hokey-pokey.

Famotidine goes in the "we'll see" category, but you can put me in the "it would be great but I doubt it" group.

The Controversial Treatment

Man, if you want to start an argument in 2020, just stand near (6 feet apart of course) three people and say the word "hydroxchloroquine". No doubt at least one of the three will say they want it and the media is keeping the people from having it, and one will say it's worthless and you'll die if you take it.

Not that we aren't all about you choosing your own path, but even though we have access to it, we haven't gotten the IV mix of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. We aren't saying we wouldn't or won't, we just haven't. 


We've read studies (which we have no way of verifying) that six hundred and something patients in France were treated with IV HCQ and Zith, and every last one skipped out of the hospital dancing a jig. We've also read studies that said that a dozen people were given it and 11 were corpses after 4 days of treatment.


The old adage in medicine is "First, do no harm". You simply can't give someone something, no matter how miraculous it MIGHT be, if it has a real chance to hurt them.  

If and when solid peer-reviewed double blind studies are conducted and the FDA comes to the conclusion that we can safely give you X amount of HCQ and Zith, trust us, we'll shout it from the rooftops and take your appointments with glee. Not until though...

One Last Thing

You may have seen CNN host Chris Cuomo's wife credit daily Vitamin IV infusions with curing her of Covid19. Well, she may have gotten over it, and she may have had daily Vitamin infusions, but (a) she urinated out the majority of those vitamins, and (b) there's no way to prove a causal relationship between those two things. I drink coffee every morning and I've never gotten Leukemia. That doesn't mean that drinking coffee prevents Leukemia. 


The bottom line is that as much as we love what we do and love to help, we're a business and if we thought for one second that you could get a Vitamin infusion every day and cure this virus we'd be taking out a second mortgage on the house to advertise to everyone in a 250 mile radius. 

If and when something we can do for people who have this virus is more likely to help than not, and definitely won't harm you, you can bet your backside we'll tell you. Until then, your best bet is to be vigilant about hygiene and keep your immune system humming with sun, green leafy vegetables, our Immune Tune or Fresh Squeeze IVs, a Vitamin D injection, and plenty of hydration and sleep.

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We're all about letting everyone get back to work. We're also about being safe. Carry your hand sanitizer, wear your EFFECTIVE mask (not just cloth if it doesn't have a filter in it) if you're in a congested area, be careful, and let's try to get back to normal. We miss you.

Stay healthy, hydrated, and happy!

Thanks for reading and supporting us!

Prediction: June is going to rock! See you then!

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