Trust us on this one

You don't want to get sick this winter, and if you do you want to fix it fast. We're here to help.

It's almost like nobody is

listening to us.

We're #1
And I'm not talking about LSU.

In the 48 continental states of the United States, only one state was in the "danger - high activity" flu range recently as measured by the number of cases reported per capita, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Us. Louisiana. Yeah. 

Hopefully you aren't one of them. Unfortunately, that means a lot of people around you are. 

Time to act. Flu shots are not an underground black ops government plot. Get one. Even if you get the flu later it keeps it from being as bad as it could be. They're like 20 bucks. Do it.

Eat tons of fruit. Wash your hands like you're Rain Man and it's part of your thing. Buy and carry hand sanitizer.

Stay hydrated. Your organs and immune system work much better when they aren't dehydrated.

STAY OUT of public restrooms. We can make you feel better if you get the flu, we can shorten your recovery time, but we can't "cure" it, so don't get it if you can help it. Also, LSU is #1.  :-)

This isn't even a recipe.

Here's what I do to make a winter night outstanding:

Buy a bottle of Pennsylvania Dutch egg nog at your local liquor store. Buy a bottle of cinnamon sticks and a bottle of ground cinnamon.

Glass half-full of ice, fill it up with the egg nog, put a cinnamon stick in it, sprinkle cinnamon on top, light a fire. Winter wonderland.

This is actually our house.

rainbow city.jpg

What is that picture? Is it a super cool place in Louisville during a festival? Is it a party in San Diego? 

It's Rainbow City at Shreveport Common. 

No kidding, Shreveport Common won a national award as the best community development in the country. Right here in the town too many of us complain about too often.


Get down to Shreveport Common and check out the cultural events, the food, the entertainment, and the growth of Shreveport. 

Spend some time at the link ( and plan a day to visit. The more we do here, the more we keep our entertainment and shopping dollars here, the better stronger our economy will be and the better our city will become.

"I don't have a doctor."

Well, that isn't ideal. It's also not a complete disaster. "I don't have insurance." Also not a disaster.

Here are two wonderful options for you:

1. Dr. Karen Pendleton. Think of Dr. Karen as your friend who loves you and wants you to live longer and better. Sure, she charges you, but nowhere near what you get is worth. She will run tests on you at a great price, figure out what's too high, what's too low, what needs to be fixed and what doesn't, and then she'll teach you how to fix it instead of telling you to take some medicine that'll give you hotdog finger or a rash. Just take the plunge and go to, learn about the program, and get on board.

2. Dr. Mary Crow. Have you ever been able to text your doctor? Have you ever been able to call the office at breakfast and get in before lunch? I bet you answered no to those questions. Dr. Crow has a really cool "membership" program where you pay a small fee (and when I say small, I mean small) each month and you have like a buddy who just happens to be a trained physician. You can use your insurance or not, and they'll tell you which is better each time you come. When she told me about the program I really dug in and asked for details. It's legit and you can learn all about it at

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If you haven't come in for an Immune Tune, read about it on the site and consider it. We'd rather see you and help you not get the flu than have to treat you after you've gotten it. 

Stay healthy, hydrated, and happy!

Enjoy your friends and family for Thanksgiving and we'll see you in December!

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