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Held out as long as we could

July 2021

Had to get this news out finally, and August was gonna be too late

It's Finally Time

Now, before you get the wrong idea, that whole building isn't ours. Just the first office on the right, which is pretty cool because we can pretend in our little minds that the whole thing is ours.

That pic is of our newest office, in Sunnyvale, Texas.

It opens at 8 a.m. on Monday the 26th, and just like Shreveport and Tyler, you can walk-in from 8 to 5. NAD has a slightly tighter schedule because of the time required to give/get a treatment, but everything will be just like it is in the offices you've grown to know, and hopefully love.

It's at 190 S. Collins Road, about a half a block South of Highway 80. Convenient to Sunnyvale, Mesquite, Downtown Dallas and East Dallas, Forney, and maybe even Terrell. 

We'll have a ribbon cutting soon, and anyone desperate enough for free appetizers and cocktails should keep an eye out for our Grand Opening Party announcement.

Sunnyvale exterior.jpg

Wanted to Hold Off On This One, BUT...

Book front and back.png

It doesn't look like we can, because it'll be out before whatever we do as far as an August newsletter.

Finally did it. Wrote "the book". 

We keep a pretty close eye on what people around our areas, and around the country, are doing in the IV therapy world, and what they're saying, and we just couldn't keep our mouths shut any longer.

"Burn Fat While You Sleep", "Clinically Shown to Shrink Tumors", "blah, blah, blah", "take 10 years off your face".

We don't want you falling for any of that kind of crap. Not only that, we don't want you ending up somewhere that IVs are an afterthought or one of 16 "specialties" a place offers.

So, this book is about when you need IV therapy, when you don't, what to look for in an IV center, what to avoid, and much more. When you've read it, you'll know more about IV centers than you've ever wanted to, and you'll be safer for it.

It's not for sale, mostly because Lord knows nobody would buy it. It's coming out in the next few weeks (at the typesetter/printer right now), and will be available free at all of our locations, or you can request a copy by going to our BOOK page and we'll mail it to you. If we mail it to you, don't toss it. Damned things are expensive and high dollar to ship.  ;-)

I guess getting roasted is okay if I can help someone live a little better, and that's what I think this stuff does.

So, let's start off by admitting I'm having a bourbon and water right this second. No shame in having a drink.

The shame in having a drink comes when you start getting atrial fibrillation or fatty liver, or any of a zillion other health problems associated with consistent drinking.

BUT, there's just something about sitting in your big chair with a drink that is comforting. So, if you want to play it straight, but don't want to drink water in your big chair, or look like a goofball at a party, check out this stuff from Lyre's.

Looks like booze. Smells like booze. Tastes like booze... Trick is, it ain't booze.

You've got to prepare it EXACTLY as the recipe reads or something happens in the formulation and it goes nasty in a hurry, but if you mix a cocktail like they tell you to, there's no telling the difference, expect when you wake up in the morning without a hangover, and when your doctor says "wow, you're really kicking your health up a notch."

They've got it all, "bourbon", "gin", "tequila", you name it. Check it out at

I'm going to get ROASTED
for this


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