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August 2021

PLEASE read this note from Bob

This will take you 90 seconds and I really hope you read it and take the appropriate actions.


I am SICK to death of Covid. I'm sick of masks. I'm sick of distancing. I'm sick of politics. I'm sick of news updates. I'm sick of every last bit of Covid. What I'm mainly sick of is people dying and being sick. I'm pissed off about Covid.


One thing I have noticed is that one of the EASIEST things to fix continues to be an issue, so we've decided to GIVE AWAY the fix. 


An absolute TON of people in hospitals with bad cases of Covid are Vitamin D deficient. I don't know what the link is (I'm not sure anyone does) even though I've read about it ad nauseum, I just know it exists. The cytokine storm doesn't seem to happen nearly as often in people with normal levels of Vitamin D.


You're at a higher risk of being Vitamin D deficient if you have dark skin, are old, are diabetic, don't go outside routinely, etc. Even if NONE of those things apply to you, you might be Vitamin D deficient.


So, since NOBODY comes in and gets Vitamin D from us, we're going to GIVE IT AWAY. No hooks, no angles, no purchase required, no nothing. I don't give a damn if you even say "thank you" after we give it to you, I just want you to come get it.


Here's what I want you to do: (1) Click the PURPLE BUTTON (link) below and schedule an appointment to come in (we can't do house calls on injections) and get a 25,000iu injection of Vitamin D COMPLETELY FREE. It won't change your serum D levels much if at all, but it can't hurt and will be a good "loading dose". (2) Schedule ANOTHER Vitamin D shot for ONE WEEK OUT, also COMPLETELY FREE. This is going to be a hell of a good start to making sure you aren't D deficient. (3) Go to a drugstore or grocery store and buy yourself a Vitamin D supplement (usually 5,000iu) and take one a day until we don't hear about this crap ever again. We're doing this through the end of the month so you have time if you're out of town or busy or whatever. NO EXCUSES.


That's it. You don't have to like us on Facebook, take a selfie, buy an IV, or do any damned thing at all, you just have to come get it. It'll take you 5 minutes this time and 5 minutes next time. It's like the lottery for us. If we spent a few grand on giving away Vitamin D and it keeps ONE PERSON out of the hospital, off a vent, away from ECMO, or alive, then that's the best gamble we've ever taken... and I do like to gamble.


So please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and concerts, just come get the free shots. Rachel just called the pharmacy and bought a TON of it because we're expecting you all to come get it, because it's FREE. We'll even give you a free koozie to take with you. We don't want any of our Rapid Recovery tribe laid up in the hospital (or worse) when something this simple might make the difference.


Thanks for reading. See you soon for those shots!


Bob and Rachel and your friendly nurses at Rapid Recovery

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