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August 2022 Newsletter

The Ugly Truth from Bob


I'll just start off with the mea culpa. Might as well get it out of the way.


It really bothers me


when someone says "I didn't have time to call you back."


Sure you did. You watched TV last night. You fiddled on your phone and watched a funny fail video of some guy jumping off his roof, going straight through a trampoline, and faceplanting in the mud. You could've called me instead of doing any of that. You just preferred to do that other stuff.


You HAD TIME. You just didn't have time for me. I wasn't as important as the fail video. That's okay. Just tell me the truth. I'm not offended.


So I haven't done a newsletter in two months. It's supposed to be monthly. The thing is, we have an office in Sunnyvale that isn't exactly tearing it up, so I'm there pretty often, in my little Rapid Recovery shirt, meeting everyone I can to preach the good word of hydration and IVs. Same with Longview. It's brand new and the work to decorate and buy thing after thing after thing is exhausting. And of course I've got yardwork and Tuesday is trash day. I had time, but just couldn't bring myself to sit down for an hour and write a damned newsletter. I just wanted to watch that idiot on the roof. Every time I had some time to do one it was like "glass of wine and a baseball game, or the newsletter". Guess which won?


I apologize. That said, it's here now, and there's some REALLY IMPORTANT stuff in it.

Do you know what our Number One thing is?


"The Rapid Recovery Experience". I beat it into everyone's head that there's no difference in what we offer and what everyone else offers. I can't buy some secret medicine or widget that everyone else can't. They can't get anything I can't. Some offer other stuff, but that's because we're really medically cautious.


Anyway, the ONLY difference in us and everyone else is the experience you receive from us. That's why we have recliners and flavored coffee and drinks for free. It's why there are snack bars and blankets in every room. On and on and on, we try to do all the little things that make a difference.


Most importantly, it's why on our recruiting ads it says "must be able to get an IV in a dehydrated squirrel on the first try", and we only hire nurses with at least 5 years of experience in high volume IV positions.


Well, the "differences" only matter if you do the basics right. The basics are being medically sound and being GREAT at IVs.


Here lately we've had to make some staff changes, and I need to yell at you about it. Yep. Deflecting.


I didn't know. Turns out we finally had a few people call who would say things like "who's working today?" Usually I'd think "Well hell, that's an odd question. What difference does it make? They're all outstanding!!"


Whoops. Turns out, there was a difference. I've done a good bit of research lately by talking to patients, and some of our nurses weren't up to our standards. Like "she stuck me four times and didn't get the IV started, and then the 5th one infiltrated and all the fluids bubbled up in my arm."


What the hell? Sweet Mother Mary, folks, YOU GOTTA TELL ME THESE THINGS. I'm a big boy. I'm not going to get my feelings hurt. I'm going to thank you, give you a free treatment, and work on getting that nurse better, or getting a better nurse.


I've got my my life savings and years of hard work in this thing and I don't accept mediocre, or even good. I always intend and expect to be the best. When I was a kid my Dad said I needed to make an A+ on everything and that "A stands for almost, B stands for bullshit, and C is a mercy grade they give you when you deserve to fail but they like you." Probably warped me, but that's the way I am.


SOOOOO, if you come to Rapid Recovery and you don't get an A+ Experience, I need to know.


The upshot is, we've had some staff changes lately at a few locations. You might not have had a bad experience, but somebody did (mostly more than one somebody if we took some action) and it wasn't just someone having a bad day, it was people not being a good fit for the job. If you had a rough time, come back and it'll be different. If you want to let me know about it, I'd appreciate it. I ALWAYS want to know about it.


We've tried to call everyone who caught any wind of having had a bad experience, but if we missed you, give us a shout.


And not to keep preaching or anything, but Good Lord... PLEASE let me know if you go to Rapid Recovery and it isn't so great that you feel like telling your friends about us. We'll just keep hiring new nurses until we find an entire team of highly skilled angels.

facepalm statue.jpg

By now you probably know


that we've opened in Longview, Texas. I probably would've waited if I'd known I had to fire half my staff in the other places, but it is what it is.


Now I can tell you that we have some EXCELLENT nurses at that location. I know because I'm very close to the doctors in town, and know a LOT of nurses, and we just plain beat the information out of everyone when we'd get an application.


Same program in Longview as everywhere else: Open seven days a week and taking walk-ins til 4:00. I'm okay with you walking in at 4:15 or even 4:55, but you can't get the nurses to stay late without eventually quitting, so we try to close it down for new patients around 4. Also, we aren't open on Christmas because I can't get anyone to work. ;-)


We're about a block south of what used to be called Oak Forest Country Club, on Bill Owens. It's in that office complex that looks like a bunch of duplexes. Can't miss that garish sign when you pull in. 2828B Bill Owens. Same phone as all the rest of them.


It's pretty swanky... I think you'll dig it. Also, you're probably never gonna be there at night (unless you book an after-hours appointment) so you didn't need to see the sign all lit up, but by God I paid extra for it to be lighted and I want somebody to see it that way. ;-)

Sign lighted.jpg

Longview brings up a good point...


We're about to be in some deep doodoo in Shreveport, because we gave our landlord notice that we're leaving at the end of our lease, and we can't find anywhere decent to go. Our place is in the back of the office complex, it's hard to find, it's next to those scary apartments, and we think our folks want something a little more bougie. We thought we'd find a place quickly. That ain't the way it's working out.


If you know of a place that's at least 1,500 square feet and has rooms that we can use as patient rooms, when you're calling to tell us how your experience was, let us know about the building! Surely somebody knows of a perfect place.

So, I'm sorry that


(1) it's been so long since I've done a newsletter. I'll go back to once a month now that Longview is open and I can breathe a little, and (2) that some of you might not have had the excellent level of service you've come to expect from Rapid Recovery. I eat, sleep, live, and breathe this little company and I want it to be great, so if you see or experience something that isn't great (aside from this newsletter - I know it's mediocre), I really need to know and appreciate you telling me.


Well, there it all is gang. Thanks for sticking with us on our quest to be something amazing. You're amazing for taking the ride with us!


Stay hydrated, healthy, and happy, and we'll see you next month, which as it turns out is in just three weeks.

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