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This is going to be INTENSE

April 2021

We're going to give you some news, and ask for some help

So, we have a problem

Hate to start a newsletter like this, but it's gotten pretty serious. 

If you're been around Rapid Recovery for a while you know we work pretty hard on our reputation and our name. Feel Better Faster is our slogan, and our name is unique in the IV space.

Or it was. You see, another company, a pair of nurses in the Dallas area, decided that not only did they like the Rapid Recovery name, they liked the slogan Feel Better Faster too.

So, they took it. Yep. In mid-2019 they started a place called Rapid Recovery IVs, and their slogan was Feel Better Faster.

We've had to spend a little over $30,000 to get them to change their name, which they finally did. What they won't do is surrender the website RapidRecoveryIV or the Facebook name, which both point to their new name. They claim they put a year into using our name and don't want to give up the work. Well, we obviously disagree. 

So, we're collecting all the testimonials we can get from people who accidentally went to their site instead of ours, went to their Facebook instead of ours, or (God forbid) used their services when they were in Dallas, thinking they were using us (yes, it's happened). We've had doctors and other IV spas who know us refer patients to them, thinking they were sending them to us.

If any of that has happened to you, we'd appreciate it if you could email us with your story to so we can convince the judge that they shouldn't be allowed to continue to benefit from our hard work, radio ads, and reputation by way of the confusion having that website causes.

Well that was humbling and embarrassing but such is the life of a small business owner. Thanks for your understanding and help.

Sunnyvale exterior.jpg

This is gonna get tiring for you...  hahahaha...

That pic to your left is the exterior of our new Sunnyvale, Texas office. It's right on the corner of Sunnyvale and Mesquite, and is super convenient to Hwy 80. 

We have a LOT of folks from the Dallas area who either visit us in Shreveport when they come to the boats, or make the drive to Tyler, and they always ask "when are you going to get closer to Dallas?"

Well, Dallas is probably a little too "big city" for us, and it's a really long drive for us from home. So, Sunnyvale. 

Anyhow, we could use a leg up if you can take a few seconds to help. All you have to do is head over to the Facebook page ( and like it. That'll give it some juice to start and send it around the internet. Thanks... AGAIN!!

bad doctor.jpg

So here's a question. You know Bob and Rachel. You probably know Dr. Shaik, our partner and Medical Director. You may also know that there are IV places popping up all over Shreveport and Tyler. There must be a half dozen in Shreveport now. There are another six in Tyler. It all brings up a really good question.

Do you know much (if anything) about these places, their policies, their procedures, or their medical director?

Do they mix their own IV bags, or are they selling you something that came in the mail from some company in another city? What if you have a migraine but you can't have magnesium? How do you get the migraine treatment? What if you want extra folic acid or anything else?


Do they give you a comprehensive allergy questionnaire? Do they take your blood pressure and pulse EVERY TIME you get a treatment? You might have been fine two weeks ago but in tachycardia today. We don't put anything in your veins unless we're damned sure it won't do any harm.

We bring it up because we know people who work now or have worked at other places, and we know the difference. ASK. Always ASK. Is the Medical Director involved? Are there prescriptions in place for every IV? Do you get an Aftercare card? What kind of infection control procedures are they following and do they have every medication's lot number recorded and the fridge temp logged daily?

We're a "spa" environment, but an IV is a serious medical procedure. When you get one anywhere, make sure they're treating it like it is. Make sure they're doing it like we do it at Rapid Recovery.

To mask or not to mask...

We aren't going to put you in a room with someone you didn't come to Rapid Recovery with, other than your nurse. 

Almost every one of our nurses has had Covid, and has the antibodies, or has been vaccinated.

When you walk into Rapid Recovery you're in one of the cleanest, best disinfected places you can visit. 

If you want to wear a mask, good on you. We even have Rapid Recovery masks you can have if you want one. If not, we may wear one anyway, and we may not. If you want your nurse to wear a mask, and she isn't wearing one, just ask. They understand and they'll put on an N95 for you. No judgment from us either way.


We're around sick people every day, and have been since this broke out. Trust us. We've all seen it. We've all treated people with it. We know what's at stake, and we promise we've got it under control.

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Back to the Cocktail of the Month in May. We Promise.


If you call us over the next few days we may be on the highway, but we'll answer. We're going back and forth to Sunnyvale to decorate and interview (we always interview 20 to hire 2) and so forth, but we're still here for you!!

Stay healthy, hydrated, and happy!