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Change she is a'comin'

February 2021

This whole newsletter is about all the new stuff...

So, that whole "you have to wait an hour to get seen" thing...

is going away.

We finally made the big decision. You see, when we started we were literally paying for everything out of our "regular job" paychecks. We couldn't afford to have a nurse in the building all the time. Still can't really, but at some point you have to run with the big dogs, or just lie down on the porch.

At all of our locations (read more on that below), starting March 1st, we're going to have someone in the office from 8 to 5 SEVEN days a week, and we'll still do house-calls and after hours appointments with the one hour wait, by appointment.

It's a big commitment, and we'll be trading steak for Hamburger Helper for a while, but we think the time is right. So, soon you'll be able to "walk in" whenever you want. You can still book online to shorten your wait time and get your paperwork emailed to you to finish on your phone (or whatever) before you come in, but now you can just think "I need an IV", or "B12 is a good idea right now", and head over.

This would be a GREAT time for everyone to tell all their friends about Rapid Recovery... well, great for our dinner plans.  ;-)

Do you remember when we were upstairs in that dreary building on Centenary? We literally had people stop patients on the way in and ask for money or cigarettes. No wonder we didn't take off like we thought we would.

Anyway, we moved to Fern Avenue and it has been wonderful. We expanded to Tyler, and that office is like the Taj Mahal.

Well, it turns out that we have patients coming from the Dallas area because there's not a single IV therapy center in Mesquite, Texas, though there are about 150,000 people there, and more in the beautiful surrounding towns of Forney and Sunnyvale.

We are going February 5th to meet with the design crew and building manager at a really swanky place in Sunnyvale, and if all goes well, we'll be open there just in time to help you beat the summer heat.

NAD+ 3.jpg

As you know, we're SUPER cautious. Dr. Shaik is about as vanilla as Blue Bell Homemade, and Bob (as a former neonatal therapist) thinks everything is risky. 

So, that being said, we've always been leery about adding new things. Well, we get call after call after call about NAD+. We were scheduled to go to a 5 day intensive seminar in New Orleans to learn all about it, but they cancelled it because of Covid. 

Now we've signed up for virtual training, have consulted with IV centers around the country, are working on our protocols, and intend to be ready to offer NAD+ starting in March.


There are a few caveats. First, your heart has to be rock solid. Second, the MINIMUM time for an infusion is 2 hours, and the high dose packages take 6. You've gotta REALLY want it. And, it isn't cheap. All that said, we have people who know all of this and they love it and are even going out of town for it, so we're going to make it work. Fair warning: First time anyone has any kind of reaction, it's over, so be responsible and don't ask for it if you don't think it's right for you.

Forgot to get a Valentine's Day gift didn't you?

That's alright, we've got you covered. DON'T just go to the webpage for our gift cards. BAD IDEA. It'll come as a little postcard in the mail and that's as bad as doing nothing.

What you need to do is CALL Rachel (on the main line - 855.435.8437) and tell her you screwed up and need help. She'll get you a gift certificate made up, and put it in a nice little bag with a pen and a koozie and some ribbon and blah, blah, blah and make it look like you thought it out way ahead of time. 

Also, make yourself a phone calendar reminder for January 15th of next year to plan ahead.

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You can make sure your 2021 is awesome by remembering what Grandpa used to say: "If you say it you'll think it. If you think it you'll believe it. If you believe it, it'll happen."​ 

We hope your 2021 is your best year yet, and we want to thank everyone for all the support! We will see you in March, and we're praying for St. Patrick's Day Parties!!

Stay healthy, hydrated, and happy!

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