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My 2022 Newsletter

JAM packed   ;-)

Strange Way to Start


So, we're starting this one off a little differently. We aren't going to talk about ourselves, per se.


So, as you may know (if you actually read our Facebook), I've been working on losing a few pounds. A LONG time ago I ballooned up to like 205. Oh man I was HUGE. Well I lost 55 pounds. After a while I quit running, quit paying attention to my diet, just got lazy, and WHAMMO, right back to 181.


Recently I've dropped 16 pounds and I'm still at it. So, in addition to eating like a finch, I've started doing a LITTLE exercise. So I kinda' got into looking at different ways to have fun, but still do something physical. That's where this is going...


So we did a thing. We went and met some people who run businesses that help you get in shape, and we asked them for some help... for YOU.


The first place we went was Title Boxing. Those people are super cool. I absolutely think you'd dig it. I mean, you don't beat anyone up, or get beat up, and you really do a lot of bag work, but momma... boxing will rip pounds off you in a big hurry. So, what kind of help did we ask for? Freebies for you. Yeah. For real. So, if you want to swing by our Shreveport location (we'll look for locations in or near Tyler and Sunnyvale this week), we have little coupons for free lessons. That way you can try it and see what you think. We don't get anything from it (which was stupid of me not to ask for), but it might change your life and if you're in a spot like I am and want to feel better all the time, maybe it's for you. Can't hurt to try. They aren't just taking badasses. There are a lot of creaky old dudes like me up there.


So, coincidentally (really had no idea) in the same shopping center is another place that's cooler than you'd think. I play golf. I downloaded an app to see how "flexible" I am. The answer was "not at all". I basically got a D-. 


So I went to Google to see what I could do to improve that. Yoga came up first, but it seems a LITTLE too "gotta center my chi" to me. The next option was pilates. I'll be damned if right next door to Title Boxing wasn't Club Pilates.


It's a nice clean joint with a really friendly owner and staff, and they were stretching to beat the band. I can see this working for me. And, yeah, we begged our way into some free sessions for y'all. 


I think we ended up getting about 10 free passes for each place. You don't have to tell them where you got it, and you don't have to do anything else. If you check out either place, let us know how it went so we can tell everyone else. We won't use your name.   ;-)


New IVs?!


Yeah... no. We don't have anything new. Seems like a stupid thing to say, but it's to make a point. 


Literally EVERY SINGLE DAY someone calls us to ask if we have ozone IVs, hydrogen peroxide, ketamine, chelation therapies of one kind or another, or iron IVs.


And every day we tell them "no". 


You want to talk about pissing people off. About half the time they're offended and think we're idiots. That's okay. Nobody walks out of Rapid Recovery with a problem. We also keep taking your BP and pulse every time you come in. You were medically qualified for an IV the last 11 times you came, but we check the 12th time anyway. You know, someone in Missouri KILLED a dude by giving him two and three IVs a week, and the guy was in kidney failure. Yeah. Crappy pulse, crappy blood pressure, not processing fluids, was LITERALLY seeing a nephrologist for kidney issues (didn't tell them and they didn't ask), and they just didn't bother to check any of that because they wanted to make the forty bucks profit as often as they could.


People ask us all the time "how often can I do this?" Not only do we not have an answer for that, it's not even the RIGHT QUESTION. The question is "how often can I SAFELY get an IV?" So yeah, we aren't wild and free, and we won't put you or ourselves in a position that something bad could happen. Sorry.


On That Note:


We're losing a lot of business to competitors for one specific reason, and we aren't going to do anything about it, so if you're one of those other businesses who signed up for our email to stay on top of what we're doing, congratulations!


When we first started we did a lot of #IVs at events. We'd go to golf tournaments and tennis tournaments and half-marathons and such. It was all well and good when we were giving IVs to people who were finished with their activity, and heading home, and we could do it INSIDE in a clean room, and make things as close to our office as possible.


Eventually, people started wanting IVs between rounds of golf, or between tennis matches, or under a tent on the grounds of the run. No ma'am. There are other IV places in every city where we have an office that will do that, and good for them if they think it's a good idea.


It's not. At least not for us. What happens to your infusion site when you just played a tennis match and want an IV to gear up for the next match? You go out and play, and sweat, sweat, sweat dirt and gunk all over your IV insertion site. Probably, 19 times out of 20, not a big deal, but what happens when the bandage comes off mid-match, or gets soaked with sweat and dirt? Infection much? Yeah, possibly. 


How about you just finished the Member/Guest golf tournament and you want a quick boost and then you're gonna smoke a cigar and get a few bourbons in you at the clubhouse? Well, that little red spot that's growing because you're having a reaction isn't going to register in your mind until you're waking up the next day.


The worst? We recently had a music festival offer to allow us to do IVs on people AT THE SHOW, where there were going to be thousands of drunk, dehydrated people. We could've made a killing... by performing a medical procedure on people who couldn't legally sign a consent to treat because they were going to be hammered, and then they were going to go back into the crowd for more booze and 4 sloppy greasy tacos. I know of a place that rents an 18 wheeler at a music festival and has 8 IVs going at a time. There's a LINE to get an IV. They do more business in a day than we do in a month. But here's the rub: There's a trash can outside the trailer for people waiting in line to barf in. They're that drunk. It's not legal for a single one of those people to get an elective IV. So, needless to say, you won't be seeing us at the next big concert unless we're just there handing out brochures and praying people will come see us the next day.


It really bothers people that we won't do treatments at events, and it probably bothers our banker too, but you are more important to us than your money is. I don't recommend you EVER let someone at an event where there's alcohol treat you. They don't give a damn about the rules or your safety. I don't recommend you get an IV while you've been competing in an event and are going to go back out and compete again in a short period of time. I really just don't recommend you let anyone who's willing to give you an IV outside give you one at all.


So once again, it's not that we don't do those things because we DON'T care about you or want you as patients and fans, it's that we don't do those things because we DO care about you and want you as patients and fans.





That's ALMOST that for this month!!


I bet you're glad that's over.  ;-)  One more thing. It's getting sweaty hot down here and there's something you need to consider.


We always tell you that a good amount of water to drink is (Your weight in pounds) / 2, in ounces. So, you weigh 150, you divide that by 2, get 75, and that's the number of ounces you need to drink in a day to stay fully hydrated (might keep you from being hungry too). Well, when you're outside in the heat, you need to bump that by 50%.


So, you weigh 150, you know you need 75 ounces of water a day if you're inside and working in an office. You're going to need AT LEAST 112.5 ounces (75 + 50% of 75) of water if you're going to be outside in 90+ degree weather... like we all are until mid-December.  ;-)

That's all for this month folks, but if there are any topics you'd like us to cover, we're more than happy to tell you what we know, or that we don't know anything about it if we don't. Just shoot us an email and we'll get on it!!

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