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January 2022 Newsletter

Well, why not?


Since we don't really have much news this month, and sick people are calling every day asking what they can do to feel better, we thought we'd share all the ways we recommend that can help if you can't make it to Rapid Recovery... or maybe that can keep you from having to visit.


First though, we want to let you know something. We've been approached a few times (like 6) about selling the joint. Patients ask us every day if we're taking investments, or thinking of selling, or whatever. We aren't going to do it unless we just get absolutely wallet-whipped, and probably not even then because we have too many conditions. First off, we aren't going to sell to anyone who doesn't agree to freeze prices for at least a year. We aren't going to let y'all become somebody's piggy bank. Second, they have to agree to keep our Policies and Procedures. The reason is that we have all sorts of things about giving people snacks, making sure they get an Aftercare card with a change of bandage, making every IV bag custom, maintaining strict medical guidelines, and blah, blah, blah, that keep you safe and ensure you have a great experience. We aren't going to let someone cut corners to juice their bank account at your expense. So, nobody is going to buy a place and live by someone else's rules. So, I guess no worries there...

So, on to the info

The first one is my magic cure-all for cold symptoms like a persistent cough, a runny nose, scratchy throat, a sleep-jacking headache, all of it, whatever... When you absolutely need to crash out and stay out a while, this is it.


Before I get into it though, ONE BIG WARNING. I tell people every damned day "DO NOT mix acetaminophen with alcohol" because you can get liver damage. So, sometimes (once in a blue moon), I do it, after drinking A BUNCH of water. A BUNCH. It's a horrible idea, and I only do it in a tiny amount, and I'm careful to protect my liver with the water intake.


Here's what I do, and it works like a little miracle:


1) Take a decaf (gotta be decaf) iced tea bag and make yourself about 2/3 of a coffee mug of hot decaf tea.


2) Mix in one tablespoon of Honey Flavored NyQuil.


3) Put in one shot of any honey-flavored bourbon like Jack Daniels Honey or Jim Beam Honey... or just something smooth and sweetish like TX Blended whiskey.


4) One teaspoon of honey.


5) A squirt of lemon juice if you like it.


Stir it up and get it down. It helps if you're in your jammies in front of a fire, but either way, no more than 30 minutes after you finish that - BOOM. You are out like a light and you will sleep for 6 solid hours. It's absolutely legit. If you are afraid of the "might kill you if you don't do it right or have liver problems" combo of acetaminophen and alcohol, skip the NyQuil and mix in a packet of BC Powder. Not quit as effective, but still not bad.


So there's your first home remedy. 


My second is really good if you've had nausea and body aches after being sick. Like maybe you ate bad fish or something. Requires one quick trip to Walgreens by your spouse, but that's easy enough to wrangle if you're really sick.


Three things you're gonna need:


1) There's some stuff at Walgreens (maybe Walmart too) called Nauzene you're going to want to keep in your cabinet. It's a chalky chewable that isn't super strong, but works if you take it the way we do. 


2) You have to buy some nasty drink powder called DripDrop. Also tastes bad (the berry flavor is best), but blows Pedialyte away for electrolytes and so on...


3) BC Powder. Man, I should get an endorsement contract after this. Anyway, yeah... BC Powder


So there's a way you have to do this.


First, mix your DripDrop and a BC Powder in lukewarm water but don't start drinking it yet. Trust me on the lukewarm part. Cold water can cause your stomach to cramp up, and it's a vasoconstrictor so you'll add to the headache. Lukewarm.


Second, chew up ONE Nauzene. If you can't keep down one Nauzene come see us, but you should be able to keep down ONE.


Now, TEN MINUTES LATER (wait the full 10 but not more than 15), chew up ANOTHER Nauzene. For the next 20 minutes to a half hour your stomach will be much better, and that gives us plenty of time.


Last, SLOWLY but consistently drink the DripDrop with the BC. No gulping, but don't drag... Get it done before the Nauzene wears off.


You'll feel a lot better. Don't fool yourself though and think you can go eat a bowl of chili. You'll barf again and shoot the whole thing to hell.


Now that all that is in you, if you are having bathroom issues you can also take a Loperamide. Keep you from having to go the bathroom, if that's a problem.


So that's the second "I'm not spending a hundred and fifty bucks on that IV crap" do-it-yourself trick. Here comes the hardest, but the best.


The Hangover Beater


Luckily after settling down and raising a kid I don't have to mess with this anymore, but I really have perfected the hangover avoidance/recovery thing, without hardly ever having to get an IV for it. I mean once in a blue moon I'm stuck doing it (pardon the pun) but I'm really under control these days.  ;-)


So, you're going to have to pre-plan this deal. Not that you ever want a hangover, but it certainly pays to have all this stuff around.


You'll need (1) a 30 ounce tumbler, (2) bananas, (3) a Vitamin B supplement, (4) a Vitamin D supplement, (4) Advil or naproxen sodium, but not aspirin - creates too much stomach acid, and never, no way, nada Tylenol (aceptaminophen), (5) Nauzene, (6) plain old white bread, (7) an antihistamine (one that ISN'T non-drowsy) if you drink red wine.


So the night you've been drinking you're going to chew one of those Nauzene tablets. Give it a few minutes, and have another. Now you're going to slowly drink almost that whole damned tumbler of water, WARM. Gross, but whatever. Leave a little. Now you're going to take the Vitamin D, the Vitamin B, the Advil, and the antihistamine if you drank red wine.


Once all that's all in you, eat a piece or two of PLAIN toast, and if you don't yack that up, eat a banana.


Next, and very importantly, put two Advil, one banana, one Vitamin B, and another tumbler full of water by your bed. Set your alarm for 35 minutes before you need to be awake.


Get up when the alarm goes off, start the water, take the pills, eat the banana, finish the water, and go back to sleep. You'll have to wake up and go to the bathroom in 30 minutes, and the alarm will go off anyway, and you'll feel like a new person. It just works like a champ. It's not going to beat our Rockstar IV, but it's a decent effort for less money.


Also a little note. I taught a buddy this trick about 5 years ago and he no longer feared hangovers, so he started drinking too much. DO NOT be that person. Just because you can fix a hangover doesn't mean you need to get one. I'm not your dad, but I'm your friend so I feel completely comfortable telling you to make sure alcohol doesn't eff up your life or your health. Everybody over-does it from time to time, but don't over-do it as a habit just because you can fix it.


Won't save you any money, BUT


this one will help you get your money out of your purchase. 


Most of you (at least if you've hit 50+ like I have) take some form of vitamin or supplement each day. Some of you take more than one. So, go ahead and get over the embarrassment, I bet after you take this stuff your urine looks like Mike's Hard Lemonade.


That's because your body simply can't process that much in a short period of time. There's a really simple solution to that. Get up in the morning, and drink a glass of water, and take PART of your supplements/vitamins. That means, if you take a B and a D and an E and a CoQ10, just take one or two with that water. Save one for after lunch, and take one later in the day. Now your body doesn't have to try to absorb ALL that crap in 15 minutes before you urinate out most of what you paid for. If you're taking something that can be split (I take Focus Factor though I'm not sure it works because I keep forgetting to take it), break it in half and take part at 7:30 in the morning and part at 6 at night. Now you aren't WASTING a bunch of the stuff you paid for by leaving it in the toilet.


But Bob, what about migraines?


Well, we wrote a MASSIVE paper on migraines a few years ago, with tips to keep from getting them and tricks to stop them if they start, and it's still available to download free from our website. It's WAY too big to even summarize here, but if you can, print it and read it. I promise it's got a ton of drug free ways to help fight the problem. All the tricks I've put together of 20+ years of being a migraine sufferer and hater. I hardly ever get them anymore... join me won't you? Just go to the search bar at the bottom of our webpage and put in "migraine", or go to the migraine treatment on the Treatments page and you'll see it linked there also.


So that's basically it...


A whole newsletter devoted to not having to come see us... because I didn't have anything else pop to mind. 


Hopefully next month we'll have something to say so I don't have to keep scaring off customers, but we'll be back either way in February. Until then, stay hydrated, happy, and healthy, and we'll see you next month!

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