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What's the point of getting an IV?

We're numb to it now, but when we first started Rapid Recovery we got a lot of chuckles when people asked what we did. It really used to depress Rachel. There were only two reactions: (1) "Wow!! I've heard of those IV places. I can't believe we have one here now. How cool" and (2) "hahahaha..." Ouch.

I had to repeatedly explain to her that we were providing a great service to people, keeping some out of an ER, and more importantly improving people's lives. These days we don't get as many chuckles (though we still get a few), but we still get a LOT of "why the hell would I need an IV?"

There are literally hundreds of reasons to get an #IV from a place like Rapid Recovery, but they all boil down to the exact same thing: You get an IV to FEEL BETTER FASTER.

Sure, you could lie in bed, or sit on the couch, and suffer through whatever has you not at 100%, but why? The only irreplaceable thing in life is TIME, and there's no point in wasting any of what little you have. Let me give you some examples.

You got a virus... maybe the flu, Covid, some rhinovirus, or just a common cold. You haven't had much to eat, you haven't had much to drink, you ache, and you feel like crapola. So, do you want to lie in bed, not answering your phone, or on the couch napping, or do you want to live your life? I vote live. You come to us, you get an IV with some muscle relaxing magnesium, some zinc to shorten the length of your respiratory symptoms, some fluids to rehydrate you, some non-narcotic pain reliver to get rid of the aches and the headache, and you're back. Maybe you aren't 100% immediately, but you feel a LOT better, in an hour, and you go on with your life. Or you think you're going to live forever and don't mind wasting two days of your life on the couch.

Maybe you went out Friday night and things got a little out of hand. Are you going to feel like hell all day Saturday, and into Sunday midday, or just fix it? You roll into Rapid Recovery at 9 a.m., fall asleep in the recliner, and when you wake up the nausea meds, fluids, electrolytes, and pain reliever have you feeling like you again. Now when the phone rings at noon and someone wants to go shopping, have lunch, or play golf, you don't have to pass. You get to enjoy your life.

If I've heard a chemo patient say "after I get a chemo treatment I'm knocked out for 4 days" once, I've heard it a hundred times. Forget that. Call us for a housecall or come into the office, and don't let chemo wreck your life. You have to have it, so just get it and then get a package that'll get you back to feeling like you did the day BEFORE chemo. You wasted a day of your life getting it, don't waste another 3 feeling bad.

Ran a marathon and are dehydrated, haven't been eating right and your vitamin levels are low, stayed out at the pool or on a boat too long, work like a dog in the sun, overdid it with the yardwork before the relatives are coming over, there are a million reasons. Maybe everything is okay but you want a little extra zing so you get B12 or NAD+. Maybe you are a believer in antioxidants and you want to be on a glutathione regimen.

Whatever it is, there's really only one goal, and that's to feel better, and do it quickly. You can always make another hundred and fifty bucks, but you can't get back your time.

You've probably read this but I'll repeat it. I went to Vegas for a bachelor party on a Thursday. One other guy came on Thursday too. The flights were cheaper than they were going to be on Friday so we went early and decided to go out. Everyone else was showing up Friday and we had dinner plans and everything else. Well, Thursday night got out of hand. WAY out of hand. By the time I work up Friday at noon I felt dead.

I called my casino host and wanted to go home. Instead of changing my flight though, and sending me home, he talked me into letting him send me to an IV place. And I'm terrified of needles.

Well, to make a long story short I fell asleep in the chair and the next thing I know they're waking me up to leave. The whole thing, with driving from Caesars to the MGM, took about an hour and a half. I got back to my room, felt like I had a firecracker in my fanny, and an hour later I was at a blackjack table with a drink, feeling like Frank Sinatra. That whole weekend, and all the fun I had with some of my best friends, would've been shot to hell if it weren't for that IV. I never cold have gotten that weekend back and not only was I super grateful to my casino host Nick, I came home and started an IV center.

IVs aren't voodoo medicine, or some holistic "get your chakra right" crap. They're about Feeling Better Faster so you can live your best life. Some people still chuckle... but nobody chuckles after we've helped them.

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