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Damnit Dad...

So I told y'all there were going to be two newsletters this month for the first time ever. Count this as it.

As you all know by now, I'm a bit of a science nerd. Like "read physics books for fun" and "watch Star Wars weekly" nerdish. So I was explaining to someone the other day about how the Earth isn't actually at its farthest point from the Sun when there's the shortest amount of daylight. It's actually almost at its closest. In about a month we'll be at perigee. As close to the Sun as we'll get all year. Even though we're REALLY close to the sun (in cosmic terms), because of the tilt of the Earth on its axis we get a fewer hours of sunlight than most of the rest of the year.

You've also heard me harp on getting sunlight because it's how you get Vitamin D.

Well, that ain't easy when you get up and drive to work in the dark, and by the time you get home at 5:30 it's already dark. Maybe you get a little on Saturday. That ain't gonna cut it.

So, a few months ago when Covid was raging we ended up giving away Vitamin D shots because we read a bunch of studies that showed that the people who had bad cases in the hospital were almost always Vitamin D deficient. Couldn't get anyone to buy it, desperately wanted people to get it, so we just said "screw it" and gave it away.

My Dad, being the dry, pragmatic, also-a-nerd, physician he can be from time to time, was talking to me about it and he actually said "shame you didn't hold off and do it around the solstice when there isn't as much sunlight."

So now we've got three things that are weighing on us:

1) Everyone besides us seems to be paranoid about the "Omicron variant" of Covid. We aren't, but far be it from us to tell anyone they're wrong. "Better safe than sorry" never hurt anybody.

2) We know you aren't getting any Vitamin D any time soon. Just not enough sunlight or time to get it. My nerdishness tells me I was too quick on the trigger giving it away BEFORE the solstice.

3) Nobody wants to buy Vitamin D, even though they need it.

That puts us in a bit of a pickle doesn't it?

Alright damnit. Last time. We can't keep doing this forever. So, starting the 15th of December, through the 31st, we're giving it away again. You don't have to pay or anything, but you do have to make an appointment. You need two shots, one week apart at least. Then you need to GO BUY A SUPPLEMENT!

This time, we do need a favor though. We need you to tell your friends, relatives, and coworkers who don't get much sun, are older, or who have darker skin, about this thing. They need it. They just book online, show up, and that's that.

It's the worst time of the year for your immune system. Everyone is inside, nobody gets any sun, and we're all gathering again and again. I know it's a pain in the ass (or arm) to go get a shot, to say nothing of doing it twice, but do it and encourage others to do it too, and maybe there won't be as many people missing parties and work because they're sick.

So that's it. The big announcement. Come get your free stuff, starting Wednesday. Please make an appointment online. The joint is going to be packed.

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