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Sometimes it doesn't work... Now what?

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

That title ought to run off a bunch of potential patients... well, the ones who don't read the whole blog anyway.

So today we got a call from a patient who came in yesterday for B12, and brought a friend. They were run down, just feeling "blah", and had read (on our site I'm sure and probably a few other places) that B12 is a natural energy booster, and will put a little pep back in your step.

Today they called and said "well that was worthless. We don't feel any better." That was a little heartbreaking but we took care of them and we don't ever want to hear that something didn't work. They're coming back tomorrow for something else, on the house.

So, why did that happen? Why wasn't it any good for them?

B12 is found naturally in animal proteins. If you eat shrimp, shellfish, scallops, stuff like that, you likely aren't B12 deficient. If you DO eat those things, it's possible that you could still be B12 deficient if you have a problem in your digestive tract that doesn't allow you to absorb some nutrients.

B12 deficiency can lead to the jitters, a shaky feeling, cognitive impairment, and other neurological issues, but the big common thing you see is anemia. So, everyone who feels a little tired thinks B12 will do the trick. A LOT of times it does. It's always our first suggestion. It's cheaper than a full IV, and a high percentage of the time it does its magic.

Sometimes though, meh.

So the next step is that we sit down, look at what you got, how you felt afterwards, what didn't work, and what might work, then we make sure we take care of you. If that means a free treatment, well it is what it is and we shouldn't have given you the wrong thing to start. We never want ANYBODY leave Rapid Recovery and say "that wasn't all that great" or "I don't really feel better". It may be that we just can't help you, but we're going to try. Our job isn't to simply get you in and give you something and get you out. It's to have you leave smiling and tell your friends (and maybe Google and maybe Facebook) "that was AWESOME".

So that brings me to this: If you come in expecting to feel better, because hell... "Feel Better Faster" IS our company motto and it's part of our logo, and you don't feel better, then I need you to call us.

We'll figure it out. If we try like hell and we can't, we'll tell you. The last thing we want is for you to go away dissatisfied and think "well, that IV crap doesn't work." We might've shot the wrong bullet or been aiming at the wrong target, but we will keep shooting til we get you a bullseye. So no, it doesn't always work, but maybe next time it will, and if you call us we'll take that shot.

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