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It's okay to admit you're sick of Covid

So, as you clearly know, we work in healthcare. Our doctor is in a hospital all day treating really sick people. One of our owners is a former neonatal therapist who deals with respiratory patients all day. The other is in and out of both of our offices constantly. We have to have our temps taken. We are scared to go to work and scared when we come home. We wear masks about as often as we wear underwear.

The whole world is advertising that "we're all in this together", and "together alone" and "we'll get through this" and "thanks healthcare heroes".

We don't want to see the "heroes work here" sign at the hospital anymore. It was great at first, but now it's a constant reminder that we're all living in some weird combination sci-fi/zombie apocalypse movie and we want it to be over.

Things we're just plain tired of:

Half-empty restaurants

Having our temperature taken

"these unprecedented times"

Social distancing

Wearing a mask

Hearing "the new normal" (ARRRrrrggggghhhhhh!)

Having to take your temperature

Online concerts

Videos of doctors and nurses dancing

"In this together"

Funny toilet paper memes

Emails from everyone telling us what they're doing to protect us

Emails from people telling us how much they care about us

Seeing reporters on TV in their living rooms

Reruns of games from two years ago

We could go on, but we won't. We just wanted to take the time to let you know that it's okay to be frustrated and sick of it. In our last newsletter (we only do one a month because we don't want you to think we're spamming you) we didn't mention the thing at all. We aren't going to anymore either. It's serious. It sucks. That said, we've put up with this crap for something like four months now and even if we have to keep doing it, we are tired of constantly hearing about it and so we ain't talking about it.

We don't love you any more or less than we loved you in January, and your safety was always important to us so we've always taken care of you and always will, but if you use the phrase "in this together" when you come in for an IV, we're charging you an extra twenty bucks.

So let's all pour ourselves a glass of wine (we're drinking Paper Planes - a really good Rose - don't knock it til you've tried it - from We Olive tonight) and just be sick of it together. ;-)

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