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Boost your Immune System without an IV

"What? Why in the hell would an IV place write a blog post about boosting your immune system without an IV? Don't you guys sell something called The Immune Tune?"

Yup. Here's the thing... Our Immune Tune is $150. Been that for 4 years, and the price has never gone up. Not even when we added zinc to it. But, a hundred and fifty bucks is no small amount of money. We get that. If we knew a way to help your immune system for less, and we didn't share it with everyone, what kind of people would that make us? Bad people. That would make us bad people. You can't get into a medical field and say you want to help people, and then decide you're only gonna help some people. So, while we're 100% convinced The Immune Tune is a great idea, and if you have $150 lying around you should get one, if you don't, here's your plan (and we do it ourselves):

This is gonna require a trip to Walgreens or Walmart. We use both so we got some it at one place, some at the other.

When you're at Walmart you're going to buy a 2-pack of Spring Valley Vitamin D3 gelcaps. There are 5,000iu (international units) of D3 in each gelcap. You'll get two bottles of 100 so this is going to last you a while. That's basically ten cents a gelcap. TEN CENTS. Man you can't beat that. Anyway, you probably don't need 5,000iu every day, BUT you won't absorb it all. It's not like an IV where everything is 100% bioavailable. Odds are you aren't going to absorb any more than 2,000iu, and that's fine.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but we also know that 1) our body gets most of its Vitamin D from exposure to the sun, 2) the sun is hiding right now, even in the South, and 3) one of the main correlations differences between people who suffer tremendously (or die) from Covid-19 and those who beat it like a rented mule, is serum Vitamin D levels. The folks who have Vitamin D deficiencies do not do well with Covid.

The zinc tablets aren't cheap. They're $6 at Walmart for 25. Those will set you back 40 cents a day. For that 40 cents you're going to get 11mg of zinc. But wait, zinc isn't any real good for your immune system right? Probably true. You're only supposed to take it to shorten the length or severity of a cold. So what the hell good is it if you don't have a cold?

One of the things zinc does is lessen the severity of sniffles and congestion. A lot of people will tell you that getting the sniffles from being in the cold can't "give you a cold". That's just not true. Here's why having the sniffles, or a stuffed up nose, or a runny nose, leads to getting sick: You breathe through your mouth when your nose is off its game. The nose filters all sorts of pathogens. The mouth does not. So, if you breathe through your mouth more than you should, you're asking for a virus. It's that simple.

Also, on the off chance you do get something, a full zinc load already on board will help you get past it.

The last thing is the Vitamin C drink. It's not good. As in just plain below-average at best. Still, it's not a treat, it's a treatment. It's 40 cents a day too. I think it's 12 bucks for 30. I take one packet and put it in a 16 ounce bottle of water, shake it up, and drink it in the car on the way to work. That packet has 1,000mg (1 gram) of Vitamin C. You won't get it all (just like everything else you take orally) but it's good for something on the order of 300-500mg of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is one of the best natural anti-inflammatories there is. It's got anti-oxidant properties as well. Lots of problems associated with colds, the flu, etc., are due to the inflammation. Also, the presence of inflammation absent an infection can increase the likelihood of an infection taking hold.

Just for grins, the Vitamin C package has a few B vitamins in it (in very small amounts), which also serve as a little "pick me up". That's like getting free coffee.

So think about it. You're getting a nice little kicker to your immune system, slowing down the chance of contracting anything, and will have your body on the ready if you do get something, and it's only costing you 90 cents a day.

We aren't saying don't come in for an Immune Tune. What we ARE saying is that it won't take you 30 minutes to go get all this stuff and it could really make a difference. We wouldn't do it ourselves if we didn't believe in it. Also, if you're reading this it's very likely you've been a patient, are a frequent patient, or are considering becoming a patient, and we don't go in for any of our people suffering. We want you healthy and happy. Do us a favor, go buy the stuff and take care of yourself.

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