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Migraine Relief

You do your best to avoid migraines, but sometimes those efforts aren't enough. You don't have the time to be down with a migraine, and "toughing it out" might have been all people could do 30 years ago, but not today.

You also know that even when your neurologist finds you a miracle drug, it eventually loses its effectiveness. Sometimes you need something more.

At Rapid Recovery, we have been there. We've developed what we feel is the extra help you need to get past a migraine, in a hurry.

We put you in a back room of the office. You won't hear the people at the front desk or the cars in the parking lot. Your room will be slightly cool. You'll be able to completely recline in a puffy leather chair. We have eye covers if you'd like, though we know some don't want the restricting elastic. Heated blankets are available if the comfort helps you. There's a nature sounds/wave machine if you need the gentle relaxation, but there's no television in the migraine room.

In your liter of Ringer's Lactate we include a multi-vitamin (Infuvite) because in some cases, a vitamin deficiency can exacerbate a migraine. We infuse ketorolac (generic Toradol), which though a simple NSAID is very effective when infused directly into the blood stream. Ketorolac will work wonders on any vasoconstriction you may have.


Any nausea you may have developed will be controlled by Zofran, which we've included as well.


Magnesium is a fantastic natural muscle relaxant, good for lessening tension in your neck, shoulders, and scalp, so a dose is included in this package.

Because you're likely feeling the "throbbing" in your head that we all do when we get a migraine, we allow you 30 minutes of medical oxygen at 2LPM via nasal cannula, which should bring that throbbing down considerably, especially when mixed with the other treatments you'll receive.

Though all migraine treatments eventually "stop working as well", we've had great success with this, and if it does become less effective over time you can, like with everything else, move to another treatment and return to its regular use at a later date. So far, we've found the Migraine Relief package to work wonders.

Last, but certainly not least, we've written a Migraine Resource Paper that contains all of our tips and tricks for avoiding migraines, and beating one if you can't, and it's free and packed full of information. Download it, print it, read it, and keep those things from happening.

2019 Migraine Resource Paper:

Migraine Log:



We will not include Magnesium in your Migraine Relief package if you have any of the following diagnoses or conditions (among others), or meet any of the criteria listed below:

Pulse greater than 114 at time of treatment

Blood pressure greater than 160 over 110 at time of treatment

Blood pressure at or lower than 90 over 60 at time of treatment

During pregnancy

If breastfeeding

Diagnosed with or currently suffering from any cardiac issue

Diagnosed with or currently suffering from any renal (kidney) disease or issue

Currently taking Coumadin, Heparin, Warfarin, or any anticoagulent medication

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