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Micronutrient Testing

You've felt a little "slower", less energetic maybe, the last few weeks. Maybe you've got a B12 deficiency. Maybe it's your Vitamin D3 levels.


You can schedule an appointment with your doctor to find out, but when can you get into see them? You can guess, and try to self-diagnose, but what are the odds of that working?

Now you have a third option: Micronutrient testing from Rapid Recovery. 

Find out what you're lacking (if anything), whether or not you need an IV or injection, and if so which IV or injection will get you where you want to be. 

We offer two different lab services at most offices, in conjunction with CLIA certified labs: A broad-spectrum test covering 31 micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) called Spectracell, and a more "ala carte" service in conjunction with a medical clinic, which tests only for specific nutrients individually (B12, Vitamin D, etc.).

Spectracell testing requires a 10-12 business day turnaround as it is incredibly thorough, and is offered at a cost of $400. Sounds expensive (and it is), but it's the most in-depth test of your micronutrient levels (and how you body is processing them) that we've ever seen. There's likely nothing you need to know that you won't know after a complete Spectracell test.

Individual micronutrient tests can occasionally produce results the same day, and almost always within two business days. Individual nutrient tests are significantly less expensive, ranging from $10 to $35 each.

Keep in mind, our lab tests are not designed to replace your annual physician appointment, or to allow you to avoid regular medical care, they're simply to augment your health journey by helping you determine what nutrients, if any, may be lacking in your system.



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