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IV Therapy... in a can?


Our IV Therapy formulas you've come to know, love, and trust to help you Feel Better Faster, matched as closely as possible to the real IV deal, in 16oz cans, and multiple flavors per package.

You're thinking, "But wait a minute... Rapid Recovery always say IVs are MORE EFFECTIVE than taking something orally." You're right. Getting an IV is always going to be the quickest, most effective way to get hydration, vitamins, meds, electrolytes, minerals, and amino acids into your system and immediately bioavailable. That said, you don't always have an hour to get an IV, or you may not be in bad enough shape to need one.

That's where "Rapid Recovery - IV In A Can" comes to save the day.

Sure, there are a million health and wellness beverages. There are several dozen "IV in a pouch" powders you mix in water. That's all true. What's also true is that none of them match our IV formulas, the formulas you know work, with all the vitamins, minerals, and meds that change your day.


Choose your package. Choose your flavor. Choose to Feel Better Faster.

Rockstar drink version 2_edited.jpg

The Rockstar

You went hard last night. Not quite so hard that you need to head to Rapid Recovery for an IV, but hard enough that ibuprofen, a banana, and that powdered drink mix your friend told you about are not going to do the job.

Get the vitamins your body burned, the hydration you need, and the meds to make it all better, in one 16 ounce can of liquid love. 

Why's it so damned expensive compared to WhateverADE, or "IV powder"? It's the formula we know works, and Dad was right when he said "you get what you pay for". 

No sugar  -  Gluten free -  0 calories
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