B12 Injection

B12 is a natural metabolism booster. Think of it as an energy drink without all the awful chemicals and mounds of caffeine. B12 can only be taken periodically, and is not for use at night. 


Tri-Amino (OAC)

100mg each of L-Ornithine, L-Arginie, and L-Citruline. Boosts metabolism before a workout, and aids in muscle repair after athletic activity. Be sure to check your sanctioning body if involved in organized sports. Powerful enough to not be allowed by certain organizations. 


Vitamin D

Helps aid the absorption of calcium. Vitamin D is essential for bone health. 

Also helps maintain healthy levels of platelets and red blood cells.

1 Billion people worldwide are deficient in Vitamin D. If you feel a little draggy and the sun doesn't want to cooperate, this injection might do the trick.


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