What's Happening in S/BC?

You found it! The secret page that's for our really cool Amazon skill. It's our weekly listing of things to do in Shreveport Bossier, after most of which you'll be so worn out or beat down that you'll have to come see us. ;-)

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December 3 - 9




O. N. E. 


What the hell? Is there really only one event in Shreveport Bossier this week? Well, technically probably no, but according to us, yes. I think you're just going to have to hear about THE event HERE.

By the way, if you actually listen to this thing, shoot us an email at contact@rapidrecoveryroom.com so we know we aren't just pissing away our time on it.  ;-)


Thanks for sneaking onto our secret page, and be sure to check every Monday for a whole week of really killer stuff to do in S/BC!

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