Turn this off and go outside

No kidding. You can read this whole post about why you need to turn off your computer, or set down your phone, and go outside today, or you can save yourself a bunch of time and just do it.

Why are we saying that? The Sun. The warm glow of the benefits of your body cranking out Vitamin D.

Do you need extra Vitamin D, is it a medical miracle, or are we just kidding? Well, you're asking the wrong questions. The real question is what happens if you DON'T get enough Vitamin D in your diet and/or from the sun.

The first, and most commonly known problem associated with low levels of Vitamin D is bone related. You know about calcium, and how important it is for bone health, but you probably don't know that it's worthless without Vitamin D. You see, Vitamin D is what helps your body absorb calcium. Think of something like a fuel pump in your car. You can have a tank full of gas, but if there's no pump to help the engine take it in, well, what's the point?

A little known, but probably more important, problem arising from low Vitamin D serum blood levels is an increased risk of cardiovascular associated death. No kidding. Several large research studies have shown that optimal D levels are hard to assess, but serum D blood levels under 12 nanograms/mL are linked to a GREATLY increased risk of sudden death related to the CV system. A good goal is a serum D level of approximately 20 nanograms/mL, and anything under that should be treated.

People with a BMI over 30 have a hard time processing Vitamin D properly processing D because fat cells essentially "steal" the vitamin D from their blood. So, not only are they at risk because their CV system is working harder than it should be, they don't have the Vitamin D levels to support it.

Many, many studies have shown that low levels of Vitamin D absolutely wreck your immune system. We all know that Vitamin C is a great anti-inflammatory and that it's good for your immune system but not many of us know that Vitamin D is essentially the "fuel" for your immune system. Taking one while having low levels of the other is like having a bicycle with no wheels. You can say you have a bicycle, but you ain't riding anywhere any time soon.

Now that you're scared silly, what can you do? Well, just getting the Vitamin D injection from Rapid Recovery isn't going to fix you. It can jump start you, but it isn't the cure all unless you're willing to come in once a week for the rest of your life.

1) Lose some weight if you have a high BMI. I know that's easy to say and hard to do (trust me I know), but we have to say it.

2) Stop being vegan, if you are one. This may not change your mind about your diet, but foods like fish and egg yolks carry the mail when it comes to Vitamin D.

3) If you have digestive or GI issues like Crohn's Disease of Cileac Disease, let your primary care doctor know and have them perform blood tests. You may need to supplement your intake of Vitamin D also because GI issues commonly interfere with Vitamin D absorption and processing.

4) And the end is the beginning: Get some sun. We aren't saying to run out and get skin cancer, but be outside, in the sun, and let your body's biggest organ, the skin, create D for you.

So there you have the 5 "S"s of good vitamin D levels: Shot, Supplement, Seafood, Skinny, and Sun. We can help you with the first. You're going to have to work on the other 4 by yourself.

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