So the Minions had it right

Ba - Na - Na.

Are you one of those people who gets cramps in your legs after a few hard nights of celebrating? Maybe you get that jaw tension before lunch after a few nights out, or you wake up with a sore jaw.

Never fear. That's pretty common. A lot of people will notice they're a little shaky and their legs seem to twitch and almost "Charlie horse".

Surprise, drinking depletes a lot of vital nutrients from your body. B Vitamins suffer, magnesium suffers, a lot of the things you need to function normally are in short supply, especially if you didn't eat right. That's why we put folic, thiamine, a multi-vitamin, and magnesium in our Rockstar IV bag.

One thing that might never have occurred to you is your potassium level. Those leg problems and jaw tension are a classic sign of potassium deficiency.

So, instead of coming to see us and spending your hard-earned cash on a IV (not that we don't want you to), why not try to pound your way through two not-very-ripe bananas? Don't eat anything else with them, and think about taking a baby aspirin to increase your stomach acid. You should start seeing the effects of the potassium deficiency go away within 30 minutes.

See, that wasn't a big deal. And now you know.

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