You aren't alone.

We'll bet five bucks you're reading this because you aren't 100% sure about going some place that isn't a hospital or "quick care", and letting someone put a needle in your veins. Scary proposition. Should be. Who's doing it? What are their licenses? How are they trained. Well, here are some simple things to ease your mind.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Shaik, is an M.D. whose specialty is Internal Medicine, and sees patients every day in a hospital setting. You may have seen him when he worked for ETMC, before it became UT Health Northeast. He's currently practicing for Baylor. You'll probably also notice that we don't offer Botox, or laser treatments, or anything really whacky in our IVs like some places, and that's because he's a no-nonsense doctor who is interested in doing what's safe and right, not what's trendy and profitable.

Our nurses all have at least five years of intensive IV experience, so they aren't going to jab you three times before they can start your IV. We only hire the best of the best.

We're always available to answer your questions. If you call an IV center and the person who answers the phone can't tell you why they put magnesium in your IV, are you really calling the right place?

Speaking of magnesium, sometimes we're going to tell you "this isn't a good idea for you". That doesn't mean we don't care about your problems, it means we care about your health and we're more interested in keeping you safe than making a buck off you. Sometimes an IV isn't right for you, and it's not right in every situation.

This blog will be dedicated to case studies of every day people just like you who've come to see us for various issues, and how the IV worked for them. Names will be changed to protect their privacy, but the stories will all be real.

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