It's not just for batteries anymore!

How's your magnesium level? What? Nobody knows what their magnesium level is, and nobody gets tested for it. It might surprise you to know though that according to a 2015 study 48% of Americans don't consume enough magnesium in their diet, and nearly 15% are considered "deficient" in a meaningful way.

Doesn't seem like a big deal right? You've gone your whole life without worrying about how much of the shiny, oddly flammable metal was in your body. Well, it is a big deal.

Magnesium, believe it or not, is critical to bone health. It is essentially the catalyst that allows calcium to do its job strengthening bones. More importantly, hypomagnesemia (low serum magnesium levels) can lead to cardiac abnormalities, neuromuscular problems, and general metabolic dysfunction. About 40% of the magnesium in your body is found in your cells (the rest in your bones) and catalyzes a variety of functions, which can't happen without it.

For our purposes here, we're going to assume you're not hypomagnesemic. So, why do you need magnesium? It's nature's muscle relaxant. Magnesium is used to treat migraines, muscle cramps, tension, and any number of muscle related ailments. You can naturally boost your magnesium levels by eating a diet rich in the element, including nuts, cocoa, cereals, and spinach, but that requires time and persistence. Though it's readily available in both the magnesium oxide and magnesium citrate forms, immediate 100% bioavailability can only be achieved through an IV.

Get your mag up!

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