It's here. We're all gonna die...

SARS... a deadly virus we don't understand, and it's going to sweep through the country and kill us all.

Wait, I meant the Bird Flu. Yeah, that's it. The Bird Flu. It's gonna get us.

If not the Bird Flu, by God we're all going to get Ebola, and that's going to the be the end of it.

If you're LUCKY, you won't get the Swine Flu too. That one is a real gravedigger.

I did hear that there's rumor of MERS and possibly Zika in the area as well.

Of course we're being facetious. We aren't discounting the Covid-19 Coronavirus, we're just saying that every few years something pops up that has everyone running to Walmart to get all the canned goods, and none of it has wiped out the population or destroyed the economy.

Texas and Louisiana both have confirmed cases of Covid-19 now, and 99.99% of us still went to work. There's no need to buy $1,400 worth of Lysol and hand-sanitizer.

Get plenty of sleep. Eat right, and include some green leafy vegetables. Stay hydrated. Don't touch anything or anyone you don't have to touch. Wash your hands religiously. Get some sun. Consider coming in a few times for Immune Tune IVs at our place, and if not, take an oral vitamin supplement (more than you think you need because you won't absorb much of it) every day.

Do all those things and you won't be a statistic. This latest "end of mankind as we know it" virus has about a 3% stated mortality rate, but that's probably inflated because a lot of people have had it and we didn't know they had it, and that would lower the overall mortality percentage. It also tends to affect people with compromised pulmonary function and immune systems, like the very old, heavy smokers, and those with some kind of pre-existing pulmonary insufficiency.

Feel free to come in and boost your immune system, but don't look for a magic potion that's going to be your virus-killing silver bullet, and don't panic. Do the right thing and you'll be fine.

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