Imperfection... but striving

A few weeks ago a potential patient asked us if we offer NAD+. For those who don't know, that's Nicotinamide. A lot of people say it gives them amazing clarity, and a new zest for work and life, and it's all the rage.

It also causes a little chest tightness when it first hits you, some sweating, and a possibly a little brief nausea. We don't do it. A lot of people do. Hell we thought about trying it ourselves. In the long-run though, it wasn't for us as people or as a provider.

Some people also do Sip and Drip events, that are wildly successful. Get an IV while you're sipping champagne. We don't do that either. Why not? Well, it's a medical procedure. If you're through a glass of booze and something starts to go wrong, is that the best time to have a buzz? And how the hell are you supposed to drive home after two glasses of champagne in an hour? Nope. The money ain't worth it to us.

We also don't have massage in the office like some places, or Botox injections. Hell we haven't even really done much with weight loss IVs or injections because the results are awfully damned similar to what you'd get if you just ate right and worked out a little.

So, you probably think we have plenty of room for improvement.

None of this is to say we aren't willing to make changes. We have our ideas, you have yours. That's where today's blog gets important.

Lots of you have been to one of our locations for #IVTherapy. Hopefully you enjoyed the hell out of it and felt better afterwards. Still, we bet there was something you thought about that you didn't tell us. Maybe you wanted chocolate milk and your only choices were vitamin waters, teas, and water. Maybe you wanted a compression device on your legs because they were sore from running a 10K. Heck, maybe you just wanted a muffin instead of a Belvita.

This is YOUR IV center. Sure we own it, but it's nothing if you aren't here. You might as well make it what you want. The way to do that is to tell us. "Hey, I really want that weight loss shot whether you think it works or not," would be a good start. "Your cookies suck. Just buy a box of Oreos and let us have that," isn't quite as polite but sure gets the message across. Pillows, blankets, DVDs, just whatever. We want you to love everything about the place, and we can't read your mind.

We aren't perfect. We know that. Unfortunately nobody wants to tell us what to do differently so we float along thinking we can't get any better.

You've got our email, it's , so use it. Shoot us a message and say "hey, here's a thought, why don't you __________________," so we can check it out, consider it, and get YOUR IV center closer to perfect for YOU.

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