Hell yes we're open

People have asked us a lot lately if we're changing the way we do things now that the world has gone nutty over #Covid19, better known as #Coronavirus.

Not really. WUUUUUUT?!?!!?

Well, you see, we already have pretty strict infection control procedures. Really strict. We're used to living in a world, a medical world, where anyone who walks in the building can be carrying flu, RSV, c-dif, or any number of other communicable diseases.

So, we ALWAYS wear gloves. We always dispose of everything in a marked biohazard trash can. We always wipe down our treatment chairs with wipes that are bactericidal, virucidal, and tuberculocidal. We have hand sanitizer dispensers in every treatment room, in the bathroom, and in the med-room.

We don't play around. The one thing we have added, more for your peace of mind than anything else, is that we are taking a temperature on every patient who presents at the office. If you've got a fever we're going to ask you to seek treatment at an urgent care or an ER. We know you probably don't have the world-ending Chinese death virus, but 1) better safe than sorry, and 2) the rest of our patients would be scared to death if we let anyone in who had a fever.

So yeah, we're open, and we're super cautious. Which really means nothing new.

If you'd like to see a 2-minute video about some of this, you can check it out at

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