An inch wide, but a mile deep

Are you looking for help with fine lines and wrinkles? Botox or Juviderm? Well you KIND OF came to the right place. Did you guess that? That Rapid Recovery is the right place for your fine lines and wrinkles? Sure it is. You're on our website, and we have links to folks who can help you with those things. We just don't happen to be those people. Wait, what?

A lot of people come to our place and say "man, this IV was great. You should have massage. You'll add a bunch of traffic and people will learn about the IVs. Yeah, you should have massage."

At an Open House at the Tyler office last month a wonderful lady suggested we add acupuncture, because people who need to Feel Better Faster might also benefit from acupuncture.

Weight loss programs, UV light blood therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement, micronutrient feedback treatments, stem cell injections, hyperbaric chambers, ozone, and lasers. No kidding. There are IV places that do all these things, and there are places that do all those things that have thrown in IVs.

Remember that time you went to a doctor and she gave you tax advice? I bet it never happened, and if it did you didn't take the advice. You probably don't go to a lawyer's office to get relationship advice. You CAN NOT do everything well. Period. You might get close to doing it all well, but you'll never be THE BEST. The people who are the best at anything are single-mindedly focused, usually to the point of obsession, about what they do. We don't know jack about bioidentical hormone replacement, and that's why you'll see that on our website we have links to people who do hormone replacement in town. And they do the hell out of it and they do it well, they just don't do IVs.

You've ridden down the road and made fun of the places in the odd part of town that have signs on the windows that say "Income Tax Returns, Car Insurance, Prepaid Cellphone Plans". Really? Do you want your IV from a massage place that just added IVs because they're "cool" now, or from a doctor who can't decide what the hell he really wants to do but knows it doesn't include really "doctoring" anybody? If you can buy supplements and aromatherapy from your doctor, find another doctor.

If you walk into a place that sells CBD gummies, essential oils, has a room for a hyperbaric chamber, a room for a cryotherapy machine, a massage therapist, some kind of laser skin therapy machine, and a chair for IVs, get the hell out immediately. They aren't good at any of it. MAYBE they're good (or were good) at the first thing they did, whatever that was, but you simply can't be the best, or even an expert at, all of those things.

Decide what you need and go to the place that does it best.

We bust our butts every day to be the absolute best at one thing: IV therapy. Our nurses have done more IVs than Walgreens has pills and we've seen it ALL. We know it down to the best cookie to offer to aid your recovery. You know what we know about hormones? Three things: 1) We could legally do them, 2) They're really profitable, and 3) as close as we're ever going to get to hormones is watching our 14 year old daughter huff and puff and mope around the house because hers are out of control. We're NEVER going to be the best hormone replacement place, the best Botox place, the best laser therapy place, so we don't do those things at all. I bet you for about 20 years Michael Jordan sucked at everything he did that didn't involve a basketball. Thank God for that or he wouldn't have been Michael Jordan.

We are the best IV therapy though, and that's where we'll stay, getting better every day and not worrying about what else we can add on to make a buck at your expense. Before you book an appointment for an IV (or any of those other services we talked about) call the place you're considering and ask the person who answers the phone, "what do you specialize in" and if they say more than one thing, or say something other than what you were calling to schedule, wish them a nice day and hang up.

Grandpa used to say "nobody knows a man's living like the man who's living it." Stick with the people who base their reputations, businesses, and livelihoods on what you need and you'll be better off for it.

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