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Boys' Weekend 2023

Mystic Creek_edited.jpg

Gentlemen, Osburg has suggested we do a weekend golf shindig. He plays all that weird Florida 3 man-scramble, half your handicap, no three-putts, pull your dick out bullshit at Crossing Creeks, so I'm sure some of the scoring will be stupid, but it is what it is.

The goal here is to leave work on Friday, and head to El Dorado, Arkansas to play Mystic Creek. The drive is 2 hours and 40 minutes from Longview. There's a "stay and play" package available at the local Hilton, for $197 per person per night, and that seems like a deal.

The clubhouse has a nice restaurant where we can actually get a filet.

My thoughts:


Friday: Dinner. Drinks.


Saturday: Early Round. Lunch. Change up foursomes for Late Round. Dinner

Sunday: Early Round. Lunch. Awards. Drive home.

Since we've had trouble finding a weekend that accommodates everyone's schedule, there's a poll below that lists every weekend. Check EVERY WEEKEND you could be available. We'll go with the one that has the most available dudes. 

And remember, to make it an enjoyable trip for everyone, try not to golf too much when others are trying to concentrate on playing drink.

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